SSU Sibling’s Weekend reunites families

Being away from college often makes it difficult to keep in touch with younger, or even older, siblings. One way to reconnect with siblings is to be visited by them for a weekend of activities at Sonoma State University. 

Sibling’s Weekend is a fun filled weekend full of activities for students and their siblings held by the Residential Student Association (RSA). 

Sibling’s weekend is a chance for students to bring a little bit of home to their new college environment. 

It is easy to feel disconnected from siblings when away at college. Siblings Weekend is a great way to find a connection with them again.  

The weekend started off on Friday night with registration, karaoke and a comedy event at the Vineyard on campus. 

A Sonoma State Student who had her 11-year-old sisters visit her said, “Registration was very easy and [she] only had to fill out a sheet for waivers,” making this a stress free weekend for many involved. 

Saturday’s activities ranged from Siblings Olympics to movie night. In the afternoon, Siblings Olympics were held in the Cooperage. 

Even the weather could not prevent the weekend from being enjoyable. There were many games and activities at the event held in the Cooperage. The RSA set up different races for the kids such as a three-legged race, a potato sack race, an egg walk race, limbo, a wheel barrel race, ring toss and hula hooping. They also had a wrestling bounce house, a baseball bounce house, bowling and fun prizes. For after and between the games, they had water, popcorn and cotton candy. 

Even the Seawolf mascot, Lobo, joined in on the fun for the day. 

Students and their siblings were also given tickets to the basketball game on campus later that day, letting siblings experience a college sports game. The final event of the weekend was getting to watch “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2.”

Student Marissa Albidress said she “had an enjoyable experience with [her] siblings who [she doesn’t] get to see very often. The activities were perfect and [they] had an amazing time.” 

The RSA set up multiple events that consisted of many activities that helped bring siblings together. 

With two days of activities and three nights with their siblings, students were able to spend an abundant amount of time with their siblings. 

A student who came with her 10- year-old sister said, “It was weird at first having my sister at school with me, but it was a fun experience that we will both remember forever.” 

Having a sibling visit at college can be different, but it is a new experience that will benefit both siblings and open eyes to many things of importance. It is important for students to realize they need a connection with the people they have at home.