Desktop Yoga relieves stress, increases flexibility

As a professor, a lot of time is spent sitting at a desk in the same position for hours at a time, leaving your body sore by the end of the day. 

One way to help stretch out is attending Desktop Yoga. Though the name may be deceiving, Desktop Yoga is not actually taught on desktops.

 Desktop Yoga is held in a dance studio twice a week for an hour long relaxing yoga session, open to all faculty and staff. 

The instructor of the class is Kathleen Hardy, instructor of yoga for more than 18 years and registered yoga instructor with the National Yoga Alliance. 

Hardy started her class outside of Sonoma State University about 16 years ago based off of the idea that “everything that could be done in the class could be done at your desk.”

 However, after years of teaching the class, people wanted to expand their knowledge on more extensive ranges of yoga poses that could be done at home. 

Consequently, Hardy explains that the class “evolved to doing all kinds of yoga poses, but the class is still primarily aimed at problems people would have if they sit at their desks for a lot of their lives,” which makes this class perfect for professors who spend their days sitting in the same position at their desk. 

Hardy teaches at Sonoma State twice a week. She also has many classes outside of the school.

Hardy believes that age should never be a factor in yoga and anyone can benefit from its therapeutic essence. 

Yoga aids in improving flexibility, breathing, posture, strength and meditation. 

Along with the tranquility that comes with yoga, health benefits also play a large role in doing yoga. 

Yoga reduces stress and anxiety, improves moods, reduces depression, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol, reduces symptoms of obesity, aids in weight loss and has many other benefits on the body and mind. 

Having a break during long school hours is a great way to stay focused and not become stressed out, especially if your break involves Hardy’s yoga class. 

Hardy’s soothing, comforting voice, mixed with the dimmed lighting and peaceful music ensures a relaxing yoga experience for anyone in the room, allowing everyone who leaves the class to feel fresh and renewed. 

She walks the class through every step of the cleansing yoga poses and reenergizing mediation processes making the class an easy, enjoyable experience. 

An attendee of last week’s class described Desktop Yoga as “the highlight of her week.” 

Joining Desktop Yoga will give you something healthy and pleasurable to look forward to every week.

Desktop Yoga is held every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:05 p.m. - 12:55 p.m. in Ives 80 dance studio for any faculty or staff member who needs a restful break from sitting at their desk. 

To be added to the mailing list for updates on the class, email Kathleen Hardy at 

As a class that is available for any faculty or staff member, Desktop Yoga is a great opportunity for anyone who would like to improve strength, flexibility and reduce stress in a calm, relaxing atmosphere.