A spectacular Sportzapalooza

On Thursday, the Seawolf Plaza was crawling with students as the sports clubs showed off their sports and achievements. 

“It’s all about spirit and support, a big shout out to ASP,” said Rob Smith, a campus life adviser. “They put a lot of work into helping with the Lobo Alliance and letting us offer students who don’t want to play sports to still go and support our sports teams,” 

The Lobo Alliance is a group of students who do not necessarily decide to play on a sports team or in a sports club, but want to show school spirit and support of the SSU college sports teams. 

“I think it is good there getting out and having people more interactive with the different clubs there are,” said freshman Emily Buchner.

The Spike Ball Club had the front row table in front of Lobo's. Spike ball is a game similar to volleyball, but on a much smaller scale. 

“I think it’s a game everyone can enjoy, it’s a great game to play with your friends. It’s simple, but competitive,” said sophomore Gage Stout, president of the Spike Ball Club. 

The Triathlon Club made an appearance with a road bike and all the gear one would need to race in. 

“You don’t have to race if you don’t want to, I think people are intimidated by stuff you have to do, but it’s about doing your best and pushing yourself to get as far as you can,” said senior Erik Zaro, the Vice President and Safety Officer of the Triathlon Club. 

The Triathlon Club does not just participate in triathlons, but relay races and duathlons as well. A duathlon is a race where just two of the three events of swimming, biking or running are used together in a competition. 

The women’s Volleyball Club was spreading awareness and informing students of the upcoming tryouts. 

The Snow Club also had a big presence. It plans week long and weekend trips to Tahoe and to the snow almost every weekend during the snow season. They welcome boarders, skiers and anyone who likes the snow. 

“Snow Club kicks ass,” said senior Dylan Brubaker a member of the Snow Club. 

The Equestrian Club rides and competes on horses. The team competes with other schools in California and across the U.S. Students do not need to have a horse to join.

The buff Rowing Team Club was also at the Sportzapalooza event. The Rowing Club informed all that they compete just as any other NCAA team and compete with other big schools. The team travels all around the California coast and all around the country for national races and competitions. 

There were frisbees flying though the air in the Seawolf Plaza as the Women’s Ultimate Frisbee Club informed students of their field sport. Each team must have seven girls on the field at a time and the goal of the game is to get the Frisbee into the team’s end zone. 

“I have been doing archery for 15 years, I was surprised we had an archery club when I started here at SSU,” said Shawn Kelly, the Archery Club president.

 Kelly explained the goal for the club this year is to participate in more community archery events in the area, and even go to the Lake Sonoma Recreational area twice a month to play archery golf. Kelly expressed the club is chill and relaxed.

The Sapphire SSU dance team tore it up with a sneak peek performance. The team attends basketball games, soccer games, rallies and performs for sororities and fraternities. The Seawolf Plaza was packed with students as the Sapphires began to collect into formation. They moved in sync and hit the moves hard. 

“We just put together a short performance to show people what we are about,” said Erica Pecho the Sapphire’s co-captain.