Campus plans to serve with JUMP

Each year Join Us Make Progess,  known as JUMP, hosts a campus wide event called Sonoma Serves. This event is an opportunity for Sonoma State  University students to give back to society and grow together as a school community.

JUMP is the community service program of Sonoma State’s Associated Students. The group is student-run and is truly about the student body and their involvement in the campus and the community. 

One of the mission statements of JUMP is to provide Sonoma State University students the opportunity for personal growth, leadership and education through service to the campus and the community. 

Sonoma Serves is just one of the many events JUMP gives the student body to illustrate this mission.  

Sonoma Serves is an annual event that encourages students to volunteer one day of service to Sonoma County. Students register online and create teams with a team captain. 

On the day of the event, there is a rally where students will learn the significance of the work they will be doing. 

Each student will also receive a free Live United T-shirt. 

Then, each team will be assigned a service project in Sonoma County. The number of students that participate and the use of teams, allow for multiple locations throughout the county to be served.   

Last year, over 600 students participated and this year JUMP is planning on even more students to participate. 

Students have the opportunity to step up and play a role in our community through Sonoma Serves. 

Students from all over campus, including clubs, athletics and Greek organizations all come together for a common cause.     

“I’m looking forward to participating in Sonoma Serves again this year,” said senior and member of Alpha Gamma Delta,  Krystina Anderson. “It is a good opportunity to give back to the community and meet members of other organizations and students on campus.” 

Sonoma Serves will start with a kick off at Seawolf Plaza the morning of Oct. 11. 

This is where participants will check in, meet with their teams and get assigned their service project. 

There will also be a few words from students and JUMP about the importance of Sonoma Serves and the progress that will be made. 

The team captain of each team will get an assigned a project for the one day of service.

Projects range from painting to animal shelter work and gardening to beach clean-ups. 

These projects around the city will allow students the opportunity to get involved, volunteer and help make Sonoma County a better place.  

Sonoma Serves will take place on Oct. 11 and registration closes on Friday.