Kickin’ It with Kappa celebrates teamwork

Kickin’ It with Kappa is a major philanthropy for sorority Kappa Delta Zeta. On Saturday, 12 teams gathered at S Section Park to play a game of kickball. Every team was made of different people from Greek organizations, the women’s club soccer team and CSA’s. 

With a fee of $90 for a team of seven, Kappa Delta Zeta would then combine two teams together to create a team of 14.

If a team was not playing or had a break, they were encouraged to buy raffle tickets. 

With raffle prizes from Buffalo Wild Wings in Petaluma, Red Boy’s Pizza, Redwood Café, Chipotle, Mary’s Pizza Shack, Shari’s, Driven Raceway, Knimble and County Fresh Café, there were many opportunities to win. People had the option to buy three tickets for a dollar, an arm’s length for $5 or a person’s wingspan for $10. 

The first game played was at 10:30 a.m. between Alpha Delta Pi and Phi Delta Theta on one team and Alpha Sigma Phi and Alpha Xi Delta.  Alpha Sigma Phi and Alpha Xi Delta took the win with a 3-2 score. 

This match-up would meet again in the Championship game later in the day. Four teams would play at one time, so that the event could wrap up before 4 p.m. 

“This is our third year doing Kickin’ It with Kappa, my big Shelby actually started [this philanthropy] two years ago and every single year we raise money for a different organization,” said Libby Cunningham, a senior and member of Kappa Delta Zeta, “and this year we are doing the Sonoma County Wildlife Rescue.” 

Each year Kappa Delta Zeta has raised money for different charities such as Mothers against Drunk Driving and Verity. 

“I got to play Kickin’ It with Kappa last year, now I’m coaching Alpha Xi Delta and Alpha Sigma Phi,” said Olivia Milne, member of Kappa Delta Zeta, “all the proceeds will go to Sonoma County Wildlife to help rescue, rehabilitate, and release animals in Sonoma County.” 

Last year, Kappa Delta Theta raised more than $1,000 for Verity and is excited to see the amount raised this year for Sonoma County Wildlife. 

“Hanging out with beautiful girls and supporting a great cause is something you can’t pass up,” said Conner Mckenzie, a senior and member of Alpha Sigma Phi, “and we love Kappa Delta Zeta for putting this on, and we love Alpha Xi Delta for being beautiful.” 

There was music blasting to get the teams pumped up while playing and sunglasses with the words “Fade On” were being passed out for free. 

“Fade is an social media app, that is kind of a mix between Instagram and Snapchat, it has a geotag in it so all students of Sonoma State are on the same exact feed and you can post a picture that lasts for 24 hours and if you get more likes then it will last longer,” said Cunningham, also an intern for Fade. “And if you get a lot of likes it will go to the Hall of Fades, which is where all the schools are connected online.” 

The tournament was double elimination, so in order to be dropped from the tournament each team had to lose two times. 

Only one team was undefeated the entire tournament and that was the team with Alpha Sigma Phi and Alpha Xi Delta.

In the championship game, tension was high because of an altercation that had taken place during the first game against Phi Delta Theta and Alpha Delta Pi between two male players about a base run.  

Alpha Sigma Phi and Alpha Xi Delta took the win in the championship game with a score of 4-0.