Back to school with Privus Mobile

No text message is worth one’s life or the lives of others. Greg Smith, CEO and president of Privus Mobile, gave the STAR an inside scoop on a new app to help college students drive safely, stay organized and prioritize while taking on a full load of classes.  

Privus Mobile is the first true caller I.D. app for smartphones that gives users greater control over who they talk to and when. With features like Voice Cue and Text I.D., the Android app audibly announces who is calling or texting, whether the phone number is in the phone’s contact list or not.  Both the iPhone and Android apps use a feature called Reverse Call Lookup, which allows users to lookup whomever has called.  

Privus Mobile was developed in 2008 when technology experts stated that a true caller I.D. app was impossible due to the variations in wireless carriers, handset manufacturers and operating systems. Monica Martino, the CTO of Privus Mobile, decided to prove those experts wrong. She went hard at work and utilized the phone number database of Accudata Technologies, Privus’ parents company, to create the first caller I.D. app for smart phones. 

“Monica was able to do something that even the major wireless network providers had not tackled-provide real-time, accurate caller I.D. service to users of more than 225 different mobile devices on over 30 international network wireless carries,” said Smith.  

The app has erupted worldwide and has become a popular tool in many university settings.   The app became a very realistic solution to the texting while driving epidemic with its features such as Text I.D. and Voice Cue.  Unfortunately, 80 percent of college students have admitted to texting and driving. 

“I find this so disheartening, as nine people are killed each day because of distracted driving,” said Smith. 

For this reason, every college student should download Privus Mobile either at the Google Play Store or App Store to keep them safe on the road. 

Privus Mobile can help college students stay organized because as students start meeting more and more people they lose track of all the new numbers. The app allows the user to look up an unknown number from a missed call, and the number can be added to the phone’s contact list directly from the app.  

Another feature about the app is that on Android devices, the app will audibly state who is calling on the phone’s screen the moment the call arrives.

“It’s a great app to ensure you never miss an important call- like a job offer or group project meeting,” said Smith. 

Greg Smith also gave a few back-to-school tips for Sonoma State students to keep in mind.  He advised students to manage their money, apply for scholarships, be safe, schedule their time wisely, eat well, stay active, get involved and meet their professors. His main piece of advice for college students is never to text and drive.

The average time it takes to read a text message is five seconds. When driving at highway speeds, this is the equivalent to traveling the length of a football field without their eyes on the road. “This isn’t a healthy behavior,” said Smith.

Privus Mobile can help to avoid this behavior and can keep students safe on the road at all times. Be sure to download the app today at the App Store or at the Google Play Store.