Fitness app helps track multiple activities

With so many things for students to keep track of, from studying to participating in extracurricular activities, it can get a bit overwhelming. Many students are looking for different ways to relieve stress from their rigorous schedules, or are hoping to lose that extra pound they gained during the holidays. 

Students need a one-stop shop where it will be easy for them to view all activities related to sports and fitness in one place while making it manageable to keep up with other things. Thanks in part to a brand new app, they will be able to do just that and more.

REC*IT is an app that makes keeping track of intramural and fitness activities a breeze. 

By registering and selecting one’s university, it displays all of the games and activities going on around campus. From volleyball to dodgeball, and Zumba to spin classes, everything sports related is in one place. Want to up the ante on your workout game? See what days and times classes are available and add them to your activities list. 

Some students are in favor of using the REC*IT app because it will help organize their daily routines. 

“Me and my roommates have been wanting to workout more this semester, but we all have different schedules,” said junior Kristin Russell. “By using the REC*IT app, we’ll be able to see what classes are available so we can all take one together. Since it’s an app and I’m always on my phone, it will be much easier to want to stay on top of my fitness so I don’t have to go through the Internet and look up class schedules.” 

The app allows users to add events, games and activities to their calendars, and set up notifications that alert them of breaking news and events occurring. Not only does the app update you on news that’s happening on campus with local teams and activities, but also with news occurring all around the fitness and sports community, which are sent to your mobile device. 

Other benefits of the REC*IT app are that if you find a team you want to follow or a class that you want to take, you can add it to your app so that you don’t miss out on important dates and events. 

Users can view their schedules according to activity, as well as by date. 

Another cool feature of the app is the ability to chat with local teams and their players. Each player has their own profile that displays their statistics and history with the team. 

Through their profiles you can ask them questions about games or upcoming events, or you can ask fitness instructors about their classes. 

Another app feature is being able to receive instant updates and team statistics. For example, if there was a game you were unable to attend but wanted to know the score and key highlights, they can be sent to your mobile phone when you enable the notifications option.    

“I have a full load with my classes this semester and I won’t be able to go to as many sporting events as I did last year,” said sophomore Steven Montano. “With the REC*IT app, I’ll be able to keep up with my favorite teams and not feel like I missed out.” 

Users are able to keep up with their teams and opposing teams to view standings and important league information. 

By doing this, one won’t miss a beat on what’s happening with their teams and community.