Local yogurt shops help beat the heat

Summer is over but the heat is still here, so a nice cup of frozen yogurt can be just what one needs. There are a few different local yogurt shops that are both convenient and delicious. Bob’s Yogurt and Moxi Java, and Swirl Time Yogurt Bar are favorite shops that meet the standards for convenience, atmosphere and flavor options all contribute to what pulls someone in and keeps them coming back for more.

Bob’s Yogurt and Moxi Java is located in the University Square on Southwest Blvd. Bob Herd is the owner and opened it up in 2000. 

Herd’s charisma and spirit brighten up the atmosphere, making for a more enjoyable and personal experience for his customers. Bob’s serves more than just frozen yogurt. It’s not self-serve like many frozen yogurt shops are. 

Many other items sold at Bob’s include ice cream, sundaes, cookies, muffins, scones, parfaits and evensandwiches. There is a small topping bar with sweets and fruit.

 Smoothies, cafe frappes and Moxi Java coffee are some other beverage choices. An important aspect of Bob’s is thateverything is fresh and never frozen. 

Inside is a relaxed environment with some comfy couches and tables. WiFi is inside for students, and Bob encourages studentsto come on by, grab a coffee and study. 

Sonoma State University students get a 10 percent discount which is a great incentive to stop by. Some students even work there and many are loyal customers who either study there or go in for a quick bite.

The special of the week is every Wednesday, where waffle cones are 99 cents, which is quite a bargain. 

Bob is in the process of creating new daily specials as well as transferring over to all free trade coffee which is great to hear and makes spending ones money there all the more worth it.

My experience at Bob’s was very enjoyable. Comfortable enough to to hang around for a while, so I will definitely return.

The second place I visited was Swirl Time Yogurt Bar at Wolf Den Plaza. They sell frozen yogurt specifically. The owner was not in, which I expected, but two very nice and helpful employees, Austin Bradley and Kaitlyn Templeman, were there to give me the scoop.

They serve a variety of flavors and even make some flavors right inside the shop. The topping bar is overwhelming with seemingly never-endingoptions. From cereal to fruit to carmel andnuts, Swirl Time had a topping for everyone’s taste buds to enjoy. It is all self-serve so don’t fill up with too much. They also sell pre-made frozen yogurt tacos and frozen yogurt sandwiches, which sounded delicious. The hit flavor customers keep coming back for is oatmeal cookie which is made in-store.

Outside they have a row of green rocking chairs that are perfect to relax in on a hot day. Templeman and Bradley mentioned the rocking chairs are the owners favorite part of the yogurt bar. They have music on a television screen but no WiFi. 

They used to have it, but not many students or customers would hang around to use it so they cut it off.

Sadly, no discount for Sonoma State students is offered but the owner does strongly support fundraisers and has donated to sororities and fraternities in the past. Swirl Time does offer a stamp card, whichallowsone toget a free 8 ounce yogurt after purchasing 10 cups. 

Swirl Time is a nice place to stop in but not somewhere to hang out for long. The outdoor rocking chairs are unique and add some originality.

 It is always great to support a business that supports Sonoma Stateso I encourage students to walk over after class and try some oatmeal cookie frozen yogurt.