Jimmy John's offers convenience, quality

When entering the building, one can’t help but be filled with a sense of welcome. The red and white tiles create a nice atmosphere. The wall is adorned with fun signs saying things like,  “your mom wants to eat at Jimmy Johns.” A little boastful, but does add to the fun, “we’re good at what we do” feel to the place. 

Jimmy Johns is a new deli restaurant that opened across from Sonoma State University in the Wolves Den. They offer classics like turkey, ham, tuna and even have a vegetarian option. The vegetarian does come with cheese and mayo, so if one is vegan, be sure to hold off on such ingrediants.

The bread is good, but limited in choices. They have french bread or wheat slices. That’s it. No sourdough or white bread. There is a lettuce wrap for those who don’t like bread as well. 

Another huge problem is for pickle lovers. They don’t put pickles on the sandwiches. Pickles can be ordered as sides and one can put the pickle on the sandwich. Still, they charge for the pickle, which is annoying if a customer was planning to buy chips. It’s frustrating since most other places put pickles on their sandwiches at no additional cost.  They offer to put dijon mustard on the sandwich, but if one likes the classic deli mustard, it comes in small packets to put on after the sandwich is made. It’s strange when they spread the mayo on, but then hand the costumer two packets of mustard. It’s not a huge inconvenience, but still odd.  

The B.L.T. (bacon, lettuce and tomato) was good. Often times, delis will fall into the pitfall of putting too much lettuce and not enough mayo. I’m looking at you subway. 

Fortunately, the condiment ratio was perfect. The bacon itself was not as hot as it should be but it wasn’t super cold. I was still able to enjoy it.

In addition to their regular 8-inch subs, they have specialty club sandwiches with thick wheat bread. 

Like most delis, Jimmy John’s has chips and cookies. Unlike other deli’s, however, Jimmy John’s has its own brand of chips and cookies. They have kettle cooked potato chips called Jimmy Chips, which come in several flavors including regular, BBQ, jalapeno and salt & vinegar. The chips are nice, thick and salty with a satisfying crunch that one looks for in chips. The cookies are big and tasty. The cookies have one flaw though-- they’re not soft enough. It’s not that they’re hard, but they really aren’t all that soft. 

Jimmy John’s delivers, which is strange for a sandwich restaurant. It’s convenient if someone doesn’t want to leave the house for food during a homework session. 

The staff was welcoming and courteous which is always a plus when at a restaurant. The service was really fast as well. Jimmy Johns is a nice deli store for students who need a sandwich fast. It’s not the cheapest food, but it’s not going to break your wallet. If students want to shake things up, It’s recommend.