Superburger is back and better than ever

It’s hit and miss when finding a to-die-for burger joint in a small town. Well Rohnert Park just got one of those places after the infamous Superburger closed in Penngrove and relocated.  Now nestled among the other small shops and restaurants at the Grapevine Plaza on Old Redwood Hwy in Cotati, I had the chance to go to Superburger for the first time and review the well-known restaurant. 

Walking in the door the guest is immediately hit with the delicious aromas of grilling burgers and fries, as well as a long line of people waiting to be seated. Granted, it was a Saturday evening so the crowd might be thinner on a weeknight. Greeted by a smiling hostess my group was promised a 25-minute wait, which turned into 35 minutes, which then turned into a full hour-long wait just to be seated. 

There was limited seating so all of the waiting guests had the chance to stand and admire the neat pieces of art covering the walls. The most remarkable of those pieces included a giant bison’s head and two maps of the US and the world that read, “How far did you come for a burger?” There was a small container with pins in it for people to mark on the maps where they had traveled from. 

Seating is offered both inside and outside of the building, with heaters and decorative strings of lights outside and warm lighting and decorative art inside. Fair warning for any tall people, the lights hanging above the inside tables are very low and I observed three separate occasions of someone getting smacked by one when they stood up. 

When we were finally seated it felt very cramped and it was a challenge to get back up again and maneuver through the maze of tables. The wait for the food was about 20 minutes but let me say, it was worth it. The Mushroom and Swiss Burger with added guacamole and it was to perfection. The cheese was melting off the sides and they didn’t skimp on the mushrooms or guac either.

There is a topping bar near the entryway that has all different kinds of peppers, pickles, relishes, lettuce, tomatoes and other tantalizing toppings. The toppings were all surprisingly fresh and crisp. 

If one orders a side of fries, be prepared to receive a mountain of crispy, golden goodness because they don’t hold back on portion sizes.

The menu features simple old-fashioned burgers that can be “king-sized” upon request, as well as lamb burgers and chili burgers. The Superburgers are all giant creations of mouth-watering epic-ness with popular ones being the Montecito Avenue Burger and the St. Helena Avenue Burger. 

The Montecito comes with hardwood smoked bacon, jack cheese, mild guacamole and BBQ sauce. The St. Helena is a BBQ burger topped with onion rings, hardwood smoked bacon, melted cheddar cheese and the original Super Burger BBQ sauce.

If one is not in the mood for a burger, there is a variety of hot dogs and chicken sandwiches to choose from. Sides range from regular fries, garlic fries, sweet potato fries, onion rings and even crispy tater tots. 

There is the usual kid menu with simpler items on it as well as a dessert menu featuring homemade pie, 24-oz to die for milkshakes and root beer floats. There are a wide variety of drinks including endless refills of fountain sodas, Arnold Palmers, and a plethora of craft beer. 

Superburger has a cozy feel to it, and doesn’t disappoint when it comes to their food or prices. The service can use a little polishing, as well as figuring out their seating situation. Overall the environment is warm and inviting and the food will knock one’s socks off.