Seawolves Speak!: winter traditions

With the holidays just right around the corner, students are excited to be able to return to their families for the holidays. With a total of five weeks of freedom, seawolves are eager to start their breaks. All students are ready for their family traditions and home cooking. The STAR asked Sonoma State Univeristy students, “Do you have any holiday traditions that you will be celebrating over winter break?” 

“This year for Christmas break I will be working and taking a winter class. On Christmas Eve my family opens one gift which is always PJs and a book with a note from my dad on the inside cover. On Christmas Day, my family always goes to the movies and the kids cook dinner for the parents.” -Gretchen Muller, third year communication and media studies major




“My mom makes homemade ravioli and cookies on Christmas Eve. It’s a tradition we have had ever since I was little. Instead of my mom writing our names on our gifts, she gives us our own color of wrapping paper. We always find out on Christmas eve what color we are going to get; it’s a family tradition.” - Daisy Agers, first year and early childhood studies major

“I am going to be going to Lake Tahoe and Disneyland for the holidays with my family. I am also going to hangout with my friends. I have a tradition with my friends where we take a new year’s hike. We drive up to Santa Cruz and go hiking for the day.” - Juan Orantes, first year and sociology major

“Over Christmas break, I will be going back home to San Diego. My family and I go to Disneyland every Christmas, it’s our family tradition. My roommate lives in L.A. so I’m going to visit her as well. This is going to be the first road trip I have done with my family.” - Dalia Calixto, first year sociology major