Seawolves Speak!: Studying abroad after the Paris attacks

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris that occurred on Nov. 13 have left the rest of the world in standstill shock over the devastation caused and the significant number of lives lost. Nations have joined together in support over the recent loss in Paris. With the declared state of emergency now enforced in France, there has been an increase in precaution of safety all over the world and if students are truly safe as they study abroad. The STAR asked Sonoma State University students, “Have the recent attacks in Paris deterred you away from studying or even traveling abroad?” 


“To submit to the fears of terrorist actions is, in essence, falling victim to their desires...In fact, I believe that traveling abroad would help strengthen the idea of international support, which is something that is most needed in this time of struggle.” -Matt Lindberg, fourth year liberal studies/acting major
The Paris attack was very tragic for many people around the world...but it did not defer me from my studies. I do worry for those who were involved and I hope they can get past this event, and to encourage people to be careful when they do chose to travel.” -Amber Vang, fourth year women and gender studies major
This tragic event did not scare me from traveling abroad. Of course some countries are worse than others, but it hasn’t scared me to the point where I wouldn’t travel or live in Europe and the are around the continent.” -Nick Di Marco, first year envrionmental studies major
The attacks on Paris were not only devastating for France, but worldwide. It is important for these events to not stop us from traveling, but it is best to stay on high alert in times like these.
-Ryan Novak, third year business major