Innovative app takes learning mobile

It’s 1:30 a.m., studying for a test taking place just hours later. One begins to panic because nothing is making sense with only having the notes and what was remembered from class. If only somebody were up this late who could make sure one is prepared to ace a test.

Well look no further. HelpHub is the first fully interactive mobile tutoring app which allows students to connect with tutors by way of messaging, live chat and FaceTime, all at just a few taps away. Being able to have access to a resource where students can quickly get answers to their homework problems is ideal for those who are on a time crunch.

This innovative app has taken long, in-person tutoring sessions and has shrunk them into snapping a photo of the student’s homework or a test prompt, and getting the help they need for those problems from the comfort of their home or wherever they are. Tutors are able to set their rates and customize their profiles based on what subjects they specialize in so that when students are searching for a calculus or chemistry tutor, they can refine their search and find people across the map that can help them.

“During our soft launch of the app, we received thousands of downloads with little marketing,” said Ryan Iacoviello, business development manager at HelpHub. 

One of the appeals of the app is its accessibility and easy-to-use feel. All students have to do is register, select what subject they need help on and from there HelpHub connects them with hundreds of tutors that are available to help them. When students find a tutor that best suits them, they can instantly chat with them for free until they decide to work with them. From that point, all students have to do is link a form of payment to their account and click pay and the learning begins from there.

From a tutor’s perspective, the HelpHub app is a great way to receive additional income. A good amount of the tutors are students themselves who are working through school to earn their degree, so this is a way for them to earn some extra money. Other tutors include established professors who are currently teaching or retired, as well as working professionals with regular day jobs, who still want to help others.

The word about HelpHub is spreading like wildfire, which means with more people finding out about it, more tutors are needed to fulfill that demand. 

“I heard about HelpHub while doing online searches and was looking to increase my online presence and to expand my math tutoring business,” said HelpHub tutor Reza Shenassa. 

With a simple search, Reza was able to use his skills and apply them to a market he didn’t even know existed.

Although the main purpose of the app is for students to receive the help they need through messaging or chatting, students and tutors also have the option to meet in-person if they choose to.

“I had never heard of the HelpHub app until today,” said junior Savannah Gentile. “I wish it was available all those nights I spent cramming for exams and stressing over finals week.”

With a majority of students currently on their phones for up to 10 hours a day, taking tutoring mobile is making learning much more convenient for them. Web-based learning is the way of the future and HelpHub app is heading in the right direction.