‘CineNoma’ Film Festival submissions

One might have thought  award season was over after the Oscars, but something is brewing once again at Sonoma State University’s very own SSU-TV. 

“We’re doing it a bit differently this year,” said SSU-TV General Manager Alex Bretow. 

In previous years, the typical student at Sonoma State University  may not have even heard of the SSU-TV Film Festival, or as they are calling it this year, “CineNoma”. 

“We’re completely re-branding it,” Bretow said of the event, “making it something that will stay around and have a legacy.”

Sonoma State, although lacking an actual filmmaking program, is beginning to progress with the film industry in that several opportunities have become available to students to share their work, such as Campus MovieFest and the upcoming “CineNoma.”

“We believe that there is a lot of talent here at Sonoma State University,” said Bretow.

The concept of “CineNoma” was put into action in the last three  years, but this year SSU-TV is raising the bar. 

“There’s going to be a red carpet, backdrop for photos, and popcorn and snacks,” said Bretow.” But it’s not just a film festival, it’s an opportunity to be seen.”

Confirmed judges include many industry professionals who also direct and produce as well as have extensive knowledge about the film industry.

The growth of such film festivals at Sonoma State University has reportedly opened the door for more discussion about a possible filmmaking certificate, provided by the communication and media studies department.

Students have until April 10 to submit a film on a USB or digital file to the mailbox outside of Nichols 326. The event will take place on April 16, from 7-10 p.m. in Ballroom D of the Student Center.

The judges will give awards to the top three films and will provide a full screening of the awarded films at the event, and highlights of the other submissions will be shown as well. Live performances are also scheduled for this event.

The festival is open to the public, and attendance is expected to be higher than previous years, as the event is a big opportunity for students.

“It puts [student] films on a larger scale,” said Bretow. “We’re just really building a community here.”

All students are welcomed to submit their work into the competition. The dress attire for the event is formal, and those who are interested in submitting or who are curious about the event are encouraged to contact Anna Luna at luna@seawolf.sonoma.edu.