Bay Area’s IamSu! performing at Spring Fling

The eagerness for the first half of the semester to end is building. Students are preparing for midterms and planning to take off for spring break. But at Sonoma State University, Associated Students Productions can’t let everyone leave without a proper sendoff.

Bay Area native, rapper, producer of “The Invasion” and founder of The Heartbreak Gang, IamsSu!, will perform in the Student Center Grand Ballroom for this year’s Spring Fling on Thursday. Last year marked the first time Sonoma State threw a Spring Fling event and given its success, the university decided to bring it back. The event’s past headliners have included DJ Lacklustre, DJ Koniik, DJ Schnuckss and Sobey. 

“ASP has been trying to create events where the main focus [is] building community and that allows opportunities for students to socialize and have fun in a safe environment,” said Associated Students Productions Senior Director Jackie Torres. “In that result, Associated Students Productions created the annual Spring Fling event to provide an event where students can gather and have fun on campus during the spring semester.” 

This event gives students an opportunity to hang out with their friends before they leave for spring break.

This year’s event is already looking promising. About 1,200 tickets were released on Friday morning and sold-out within three hours. The ballroom will be at its maximum capacity with this amount of people in attendance. 

“We have received emails in [with an] overwhelming volume of students asking for tickets, as well as Santa Rosa Junior College students asking if they are able to attend,” said Torres. “It’s very unfortunate that we did not have a larger venue for this event.” 

Born Sudan Ameer Williams, he is better known by all Bay Area hip-hop fans as IamSu!, Su or Suzy 6 Speed. Older fans of IamSu!’s will remember him as he started out in “The Go-Gettaz” with fellow Heartbreak Gang member, P-Lo. IamSu! began to explore making music by experimenting with different instruments and studying big name artists, like Kanye West, Pharrell Williams and Swedish indie rock duo Marching Band. 

Things started picking up for IamSu! when he attended college at CSU East Bay. In 2009, people began recognizing him and his music and things haven’t been the same since. From 2010 to 2013, IamSu! released eight mixtapes which featured members of The Heartbreak Gang, until he finally released his debut studio album titled “Sincerely Yours” in May 2014. In addition to his countless mixtapes and his chart climbing album, he’s been featured on songs with fellow Bay Area native E-40, Casey Veggies, LoveRance and 50 Cent, among others. Some of IamSu!’s most popular songs include “Hipster Girls,” “Only That Real,” “Sincerely Yours” and “I Love My Squad.”

When word spread that IamSu! would be coming to Sonoma State, it got students talking and it was evident that they were excited. 

“I think it’s dope that Sonoma State is putting on a free event for a well-known artist like IamSu!, especially considering that he’s local and from the Bay Area,” said junior Aaron Lopez. “I really think that this will be one of the big events for the year given the timing of the event right before spring break. Can’t wait.”

Long-time fans of IamSu! are especially looking forward to the event. 

“I am a huge fan of IamSu! and was so excited to hear that he would be performing at Sonoma State University. Coming from the Bay Area and being an avid listener to Bay Area rap, it’s ‘no secret’ that he’ll ‘hold it down’ for SSU,” said freshman Rico Molo.

In addition to IamSu!, DJ Shabazz and the Bay Area’s premiere DJ, DJ Amen, will also make appearances.