Restaurant Review: Pieology Pizzeria

Something as simple as going out to dinner with friends to grab a pizza can turn into a difficult decision. From choosing what toppings to get or how much everyone wants to spend, eating out can go from a fun night to a great debate. Luckily, Pieology Pizzeria has made these problems a little easier. 

Located in Mendocino’s Marketplace, Pieology Pizzeria opened in late January and has been a gift to the local town. It provides guests with the opportunity to customize personal pizzas from dough to sauces to cheese and toppings. With all of these options, everyone can get exactly what they want.

Not only is every guest able to customize pizzas exactly to their liking, but being able to do this for just $7.95 leaves an even more satisfying taste in the customer’s mouth. That’s right, for $7.95, guests are allowed unlimited toppings for a low price.

When the word “unlimited” is in the same sentence as “$7.95,” it’s definitely something special. “Getting quality food for a good price is almost unheard of for a college student,” said sophomore Maher Rashid. “When Pieology Pizzeria opened and I went for the first time, I didn’t have to spend more than $10. The idea of being able to afford a good meal and not have to feel guilty about spending the money made me want to go back.”

When standing in line, it’s reminiscent of a Chipotle or frozen yogurt shop. Different stations are set up in an assembly line with team members adding to the pizza per the customer’s request. First, customers select the type of dough they would like. Catering to a range of different pizza eaters, their house-made, whole wheat or gluten-free (an extra $2) is first selected. Then guests are able to move on and choose from a variety of seven different sauces. Cheeses and meats are then added, with a vegan option available. Lastly toppings can be added, which again are unlimited.

After ordering, the masterpiece one can create is ready in three to five minutes. 

“I’m an avid Yelp user and have had Pieology Pizzeria bookmarked for quite some time,” said freshman Josie Clements. “Knowing that your pizza can be ready in under five minutes seemed a little hard to believe, so I had to come and check it out. I was pleasantly surprised when my pizza came out just four minutes after I paid and even more satisfied with the quality.”

It’s easy to feel crowded or uncomfortable in a restaurant, but Pieology makes it easy to enjoy your meal. 

The style is fast, yet casual because guests seat themselves and are given a number for employees to bring their food out. The atmosphere is laid back with tables and booth seating, and the decor is clean with wooden tables and steel chairs.

In addition to pizza, customers can choose lighter options as well. With offerings like caesar and classic salads, every customer will leave satisfied. After guests have filled up on their 11.5 inch creations, they can satisfy their sweet tooth with sweet cinnamon sugar strips, which are  a perfect way to top off a savory meal.

Visit Pieology Pizzeria at 2280 Mendocino Ave Ste. B, in Santa Rosa. They’re open  Monday through Thursday, from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Friday through Saturday from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., and Sundays from 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.