Innovators, ideas at Entreprenoma’s Market Day

With Sonoma State having a student body of more than 9,000 students, there is an immense amount of hidden talent waiting to be discovered. Entreprenoma will host the second annual Market Day today, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m., outside at the Seawolf Plaza, between the Rec and Student Centers. 

This is an event allowing entrepreneurs at Sonoma State to showcase their inventions and companies.

Entreprenoma, is a student-led entrepreneurship program that encourages students to express their ideas for starting their own businesses, and helps to jump start them. It has partnered with and funded by the school of business and economics.

Entreprenoma’s Market Day exhibits the many entrepreneurs at Sonoma State, and gives them the opportunity to connect with students and faculty. Students and alumni are able to advertise themselves and their products for possible partnerships with Sonoma State. Some participants display the produce they’ve harvested from their own farming businesses, hoping to connect with The Kitchens at Sonoma State to sell their products, while others have turned their love for wood burnings to create customized, thoughtful pieces of art to gift to friends and family.

Market Day provides students, who might sit in their rooms trying to sell their products online or by word of mouth, an actual setting to show their products off to hundreds of people.

 “It’s an opportunity for student vendors to grasp what it’s like to be in a real business setting,” said Darren Fong, marketing director and student leader for Entreprenoma. “We hope attendees become aware of what products and services student vendors have to offer, and we aim to inspire fellow Seawolves to pursue and start their own businesses.”

Last year’s event had almost 30 eager entrepreneurs ready to show off their talent to more than 250 students. From the turnout and general positive response, participants were able to establish promising connections with attendees. 

“It was great to see so much support from students and faculty,” said Cassie Faulding, art director of Primitivo PR in a prepared statement. “A few people took some of our flyers and business cards and they said they’d be in touch, so we’re hoping we have some new clients and business connections.”

People interested in creating their own business are highly encouraged to attend the event. It’s very common for people to want to take their craft or passion and turn it into a profit, but most don’t know how to go about it. At Market Day, students will have the chance to listen in on guest speakers, who will share their experiences with well-known companies, like Apple, or from their experience in starting a company.

Many of the participating entrepreneurs, who are students, have it tough with balancing school, jobs and chasing their dreams. But if the passion is strong enough, it can all be possible. 

“It makes me really excited to be a part of Market Day. It can be extremely difficult to start your own company and you might have a lot of doubts,” said freshman and founder of Athletic Board, Clayton Taylor. “From my perspective, being able to interact with other student vendors and learn from them while sharing your own experiences helps everyone grow and gain confidence. With the fun atmosphere Market Day provides, my company is excited to get out and meet other aspiring entrepreneurs.”

In addition to a day full of exposure to new products, companies, networking and educational speeches, there will also be free food, live music performed by students, prizes, raffles and giveaways. Students in particular might take an interest in the “Dunk Your Professor” portion of the event, which includes a dunk tank, allowing students and teachers to have a little fun and dunk their beloved professors.