Restaurant Review: Bianchini’s The Sandwich and Salad Market

Customers line the counter as their eyes glance through the glass barrier at the ingredients needed for a delectable sandwich or salad. While some families and couples are enjoying their meals at tables close by, others choose to sit at the tables outside. Before you know it, the time has come to make the difficult decision of what to order. 

Bianchini’s The Sandwich and Salad Market was started by Steve and Deborah Bianchini. Their son Bryan Crane took over the business when they retired and after falling in love with the business, he decided to purchase it from his family. Crane and his wife co-own the business and they wanted to provide customers with a healthy choice for their lunch or dinner.   

Bianchini’s opened its first store in Petaluma in 2008, and then opened its second store in Santa Rosa in 2013. The market  features 17 specialty sandwiches, as well as basic sandwiches. Everything from tri-tip and grilled chicken to veggie-filled sandwiches and vegan choices; the goal is to have something for everyone.  

With prices ranging from around $8 to $25, customers leave feeling satisfied after having eaten at Bianchini’s.  

“This is the place I come when I need a satisfying sandwich,” said customer John Kerry. “I always feel like I’m getting my money’s worth for my meal when I come to Bianchini’s.”

Rather than ordering a sandwich, there are lighter choices that provide the customer with many options. The first choice comes from getting either a regular size salad which includes six toppings or a small salad which includes four toppings. 

Bianchini’s salad bar has romaine, spinach and baby spinach, and more than 30 fresh toppings to choose from.  For an extra charge, avocado, chicken, tri-tip, tuna salad or portobello mushroom can be added. To finish off the salad, customers can choose from a list of Bianchini’s own salad dressings.

“I’ve never seen a place that has so many choices of such tasty things for both the sandwiches and salads,” said customer Kat Johnson. “Most of the time it’s too hard to make the choice of which I want to order, so I have to get both.”

If it becomes difficult for customers to select a meal, Bianchini’s offers the ability to order combinations of half sandwich, small salad or a small soup.  

The side choices Bianchini’s offers fill the small refrigerated grab and go cases. Small containers of egg, chicken, tuna and their special turkey cranberry salads are stacked just above the specialty salads, such as Chinese chicken salad, taco salad, salmon salad and southwest BBQ chicken salad. 

When finishing off the meal, there are all different kinds of potato chips lining the way to the register, as well as bottled or fountain drinks to choose from. Bianchini’s also sells beer, including Petaluma’s own Lagunitas. 

To curb the sweet tooth, customers also have some dessert options, including ice cream treats, fresh baked cookies, brownies and lemon bars

Inside and outside seating is available, so customers can enjoy their sandwiches at a table indoors or outside in the sun.

Bianchini’s The Sandwich and Salad Market is located at 1367 North McDowell Blvd. #100 in Petaluma, and is open Monday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Bianchini’s in Santa Rosa is located at 2240 Mendocino Ave. and is open Monday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. 

For any questions, please call the Petaluma location at 707-776-4570 or call the Santa Rosa location at 707-542-3354.