Restaurant Review: Tex Wasabi’s

Tex Wasabi’s is a unique restaurant in Santa Rosa opened by Food Network star Guy Fieri. What makes it unique is that it speciazes in BBQ and sushi, offering a variety of delicious dishes that can be found to fill any kind of craving. From rolls of sushi to savory sandwiches, this restaurant knows how to satisfy the customer’s taste buds. 

“I’ve been to Tex Wasabi’s multiple times because their food is always so flavorful and the atmosphere is one I enjoy for a meal out with friends or family,” said customer Kiki Winslow. “There are so many different things to choose from off the menu, I want to keep going back so I can try new dishes.”

The platters of BBQ lathered in Fieri’s Kansas City BBQ Society Award Winning Sauce are extremely popular amongst customers. 

Not only is Tex Wasabi’s food a hit, but this restaurant is also known for its happy hour deals, which includes specialty alcoholic drinks called Bowlas. These extremely large drinks come in all different flavors and require two people, 21 years old or older, to purchase it to share because of how strong the drink is. The amount of customers during Tex Wasabi’s happy hour increases because of the tasty, inexpensive drinks and the special deal on appetizers.  

“Tex Wasabi’s is known for having good food, but they may be even more well-known for their Bowlas,” said senior Lindsey Estes. “As soon as I turned 21, I planned a birthday dinner there because I had to try one; that’s what a lot of people tend to do.”

As customers sit and wait, the atmosphere and décor of the restaurant keeps them entertained and in positive spirits. Looking up, there are plates that are hanging, which were signed by different celebrities who have eaten there. If a group were seated in the upstairs area, there’s a possibility the table is located next to one of the many fish tanks at Tex Wasabi’s. 

Finding a quiet spot in the restaurant can be difficult because of the constant groups of people that come in. Tex Wasabi’s appeals to patrons looking to have a night out because of the contemporary vibe it gives off. With dishes averaging between $11 to $30, college students may see the prices as being a little more than what they would usually want to spend on a dinner.

“Tex Wasabi’s is a fun place to sit and eat with friends. However, its prices can be a bit high, so it’s normally a restaurant for special occasions or random nights out,” said junior Jessica Hoffer. “I’m someone who absolutely loves sushi and BBQ, so Tex Wasabi’s is a restaurant where I always have a hard time on deciding what to order. There are just so many yummy options to choose from.” 

From appetizing dishes to an enticing atmosphere, there is something for everyone to enjoy at Tex Wasabi’s. This is why it leaves its customers wanting to come back for more. 

Tex Wasabi’s is located at 515 4th St., in Santa Rosa, and is open Sunday through Thursday, from 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., and Friday and Saturday, from 11:30 a.m. to 11 p.m.