KONG: An improvement to the selfie?

Selfies have become one of the biggest trends when it comes to taking pictures. Kong, the newest addition to the Path family of applications, is a simple way to create GIF selfies to share with friends. 

The application works to incorporate filters inspired by old silent films to help users become more animated. 

It works by simply pressing the record button to take a quick GIF selfie, swipe to add a filter, tap to add text and finally add it to either a private or public channel. 

By adding it to channels, the selfie can be shared with different groups of people through followers in the Kong community, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, iMessage and more.

The home icon in the Kong app is the default channel where the user can follow friends and see the home posts of people one follows. It’s been compared to posting  a  status update on Facebook. 

There’s no end to the different channels available for users to join in Kong. Each one is dedicated to a  unique genre under certain hashtags. 

With those found on public channels, there are also private channels that allow people to select certain users to send their silly selfies to. 

“I downloaded the Kong application and found it to be so hilarious and engaging,” said Sonoma State sophomore Hunter Risso. “It lets people change the way they take selfies and add animation to them. This app is super simple and shamelessly fun.”

 A major accomplishment for Kong is that it has become the first app available on the Apple Watch. 

Kong for Apple Watch brings the entertainment of people’s selfies to the convenience of the user’s wrist, allowing one to quickly see posts when they receive a notification. 

The Kong application has advanced the popular selfie into a new type of photo to share with friends.