Restaurant Review: El Patio mexican food

There is a  wide selection of Mexican restaurants in Santa Rosa to choose from, but none stand out more than El Patio. Located on 4th St. and Stony Point Rd., El Patio offers exceptional service, authentic Mexican food and an environment where all customers feel welcome. 

The 4th St. location has a beautiful patio area adorned with flowers. This provides a comfortable and relaxed eating area for customers. 

Inside, the restaurant is decorated with intricate paintings and a display case of gems that the restaurant has collected over the years. The building, as well as the tables, are colored red, white and green, like the colors of the Mexican flag. 

First time customers can be overwhelmed as they stare at the menu covered with appetite-enticing pictures. 

The prices are reasonable and one can have a full meal for less than $10. The most popular item on the menu is their burrito, but other choices include tacos, quesadillas, fajitas and more. 

“Whenever I’m in Santa Rosa I try to stop by El Patio,” said Sonoma State University junior Shannon Kinahan. “Their food is top notch, and very affordable.” 

After the customer orders, they are given chips and salsa like most Mexican restaurants. They have green salsa that is mild and sweet, and a red salsa that is slightly spicier. The food doesn’t  take long to be prepared, and customers rarely finish their basket of chips before having their food brought to them.

The food comes out piping hot and presented just like the pictures on the menu. 

To accommodate customers, most of the items on the menu are not exceptionally spicy. The food is served in generous portions and customers rarely feel like they didn’t get enough to eat. 

El Patio has been known to give meals to the homeless who live in the area. Over the years, many customers have taken to social media to share their stories of seeing El Patio feed the less fortunate. The restaurant has strong ties to the Santa Rosa community and try to give back as much as they can.  

“Many of the homeless people that come in are desperate for a meal,” said owner Sergio Ochoa. “Sometimes you just have to go out of your way to take care of others.” 

With over 20 other Mexican restaurants in Santa Rosa, El Patio thrives in such a competitive market. Out of all the Mexican restaurants in Santa Rosa, El Patio is one of the most popular. Everyday there is a lunch and dinner rush, which usually leads the line out the door to order. 

“I just enjoy serving people, and establishing friendships with my customers,” said Ochoa. Sonoma State students often find themselves in Santa Rosa, so if they’re looking for a bite to eat, they should look no further than El Patio. With cheap prices and good food, El Patio is always a good option.