Sapphires put on a spring showcase

The Sonoma State University Sapphires performed dances they have been working on throughout the year last Saturday in Person Theatre. Ranging from jazz to hip hop, there was a wide variety of dance styles performed. 

Beginning with an introduction from coaches Jenna Connolly and Megan Bowcott, the dancers were individually introduced with the popular song, “Shut Up and Dance” by Walk the Moon, blaring out of the speakers. When the cheers died down and the lights dimmed, the audience grew anxious for the first dance to begin. 

“I helped choreographed three different styled dances-jazz, tap and hip hop,” said Erica Pecho, the team captain and choreographer of three dances in the show. It was really fun to showcase my diversity and pick songs that I would think the audience would enjoy.” 

During every dance, one could hear cheering from backstage from the other girls on the team. After practicing three times a week for hours on end, the dancers got very close to each other. 

By sharing a common passion and goal, they were able to push each other to be better. 

“Dance team means a place where I can do what I love and share it with others,” Pecho said. “It makes it even more worthwhile being surrounded by other passionate dancers that I can call my best friends.” This passion for dance kept them going through the long hours of rehearsal. 

“It was a rough couple of weeks leading up to the show,” said freshman dance team member Madison Muro. 

“There were a lot of dances to learn and it was challenging because I wanted it to be perfect. It totally paid off when I finally got to perform in front of my friends and family.”

Performing songs from their national competition as well as dances specifically choreographed for the show, the dancers got to put their unique spin on each song. Erica Pecho, Jenny Novero and Carissa Pinnix’s tap rendition of “Heartless,” by Kanye West mesmerized the crowd and the finale of Tina Turner’s “Proud Mary” got the audience clapping along to the beat. 

The solos were the highlight of the evening and audience members thought each dancer did a beautiful job at capturing the essence of each song. 

“Each solo was absolutely amazing. Knowing they were choreographed by each dancer made it much more breathtaking to watch,” said freshman Sarah Fishback. “There was so much emotion and thought that went into each performance and I really enjoyed watching.”

The Sapphires spring showcase was a time to celebrate the dance team’s accomplishments and for friends and family to see what they have been working on throughout the school year. The bond the dancers share shine through each of their dances. 

“They made me feel a part of a family that would be with me through anything,” said freshman dancer Jenny Novero.