The little, local coffee shop

Wall to wall wood combined with the smell of fresh coffee wafting through the air, the little shop in downtown Cotati teleports you to a cabin near the north coast beach.  

The vibe is continued through the rustic metal bar stools that line the sidewalls. Seating is relatively limited but available both inside and out on the patio.  

Order a small ice coffee for $2 (a small is about the size of a Starbucks “Grande”).  Their house cold brew iced coffee is robust with flavor and always fresh.  Their menu includes a number of choices including lattés and Tai ice tea.

“We’re really working to stay local. Our coffee is from Fort Bragg,” said barista Christina Gri.

Featuring the occasional live band and typically buzzing with people, the little shop on the strip is known to locals as the “Cotati Crawl.”

Cotati Coffee also provides a loyalty stamp card where after purchasing 10 coffees and picking 10 cool stamps to use on one’s card, they are able to get a coffee for free.

 “Half the fun is picking out your stamp,” said senior Molly Denison. 

 Following the Sonoma county trends including ‘go local’ and ‘keep Cotati weird,’ Cotati Coffee holds itself to these standards; obtaining its coffee from Fort Bragg up the coast, as well as following the motto ‘keep Cotati wired.’

 According to Gri, Cotati Coffee intends to feature more art and is open to ideas on increasing seating and opening more hours per demand. 

Cotati Coffee is open daily from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.