Swoodle app introduces new way to collaborate

Up-and-coming collaboration app, Swoodle aims to promote college student to “scroll together, edit together, chat together, create together, review together [and] work together.” 

Based in Belfast, Northern Ireland, the Swoodle team aims to supply consumers with a simple, yet effective app that prioritizes group collaboration on assignments while providing students the ability to work together in real time. This allows for quick editing across a range of devices, and is conveniently free. 

Other features of the app include a free messaging tool that incorporates text, voice calling and video calling which assists in the group work dynamic. 

The app allows for photo sharing and document editing, much like Snapchat and Google Docs. 

Kris Nixon, Content Crafter for DisplayNote Technologies described an advantage of the app. “[It] essentially allows a team of students working together on a project to do so from the comfort of their respective homes, whilst having the same level of input and interaction that they would get from arranging a time and place for a face to face meeting,” said Nixon. 

Swoodle provides an easy way to avoid unproductive group meetings between classmates and it is a constructive way for people with busy schedules to promptly contribute without appearing as a ‘slacker.’

“I could see myself using Swoodle if I was doing a time-sensitive group project and I was unable to make in person arrangements,” said Sophomore Kristen Santos. 

For people already struggling to find free time in their schedules, using Swoodle can be the difference between staying up all night surrounded by empty coffee cups and getting a solid 8 hour sleep after an exhausting day. 

Paul Brown, CEO at DisplayNote Technologies, said, “We wanted a way to be able to share actual content with each other live on a mobile device, not a screen share, not an emailed copy and for all of us to be able to make changes live and to chat to each other at the same time all in the same app. In essence, we wanted to get stuff done quicker, be more productive and not waste time.”

 Swoodle promotes collaboration, communication, productivity and teamwork using a simple and modern outlet that doesn’t require much effort to learn. 

Although the components of Swoodle give it great potential to be a popular app, it might be a little late in the game, seeing as there have been other companies to create similar inventions such as Google Docs. 

Nevertheless, there is a chance that due to its contemporary abilities, it will rise in the market and be in high demand.