University Instagram hosts student take over

At the end of the month, Sonoma State University’s Instagram account will be taken over by one very talented young photographer. On Oct. 25 the public will have the chance to see campus through the eyes of Brennan Chin, a Sonoma State graduate student. 

Chin graduated from Sonoma State in fall 2014 with a Bachelors of Sciencein Biology. Starting in spring 2015, he began pursuing a master’s degree in biology, something he is still working on. 

While studying at Sonoma State, Chin served on the Sonoma State STAR editorial board as the online editor, photo editor and recently became distribution director this term. 

Chin’s passion for photography began in 2010 with his purchase of a DSLR camera, which was needed to shoot video footage for his YouTube technology channel, “Brennan’s Tech Bite.” DSLR cameras enable the user to shoot cinematic video as well as the basic ability to shoot photos. Chin decidedhe wanted to explore the aspects of photography and became self-taught through online instructional videos and books. Chin’s hardwork and effort is clearly visible through his photos. 

“He has a remarkable talent for capturing beauty, elegance and spontaneity in his photos. I’ve been on many photo shoots with him and it is there that you can witness his creativity and passion for photography. Chin has a remarkable ability to connect with people given his caring, cheerful and amiable disposition. It’s no wonder that his clients feel so beautiful and confident when they see their portraits. Brennan doesn’t simply create ‘professional’ level photographs of people and landscapes; he turns them into works of art,” Dipali Vasadia, Chin’s long time friend and lab mate said.

“One of my favorite things about being a photographer is capturing a special moment in time so it can be shared, enjoyed and preserved for posterity. I also love that being a photographer allows me to be more adventurous, meet new people, and to shoot cool events,” Chin said. 

He has been a photographer for almost seven years now. 

“I continue to pursue photography to refine my craft, to shoot new places and people, and to capture life’s special moments,” Chin said. 

As a result of Chin’s talent, he has been fortunate enough to shoot events such as a San Francisco Giants game, concerts at the Green Music Center and the Country Summer Music Festival. These are just a few of Chin’s favorite events he has photographed. Chin describes shooting events like the Giants game and the Hunter Hayes concert as a once in a lifetime experience. Chin added that shooting such exciting events requires him to control his excitement and remain professional. 

“When I shot the San Francisco Giants game, to get to the photo wall where the photographers shoot, I had to walk through the dugout where all of the players were. It was an awesome experience,” Chin said.