New communications professor, a passionate addition

Lecturer of Communication and Media Studies, Hillary Homzie is not a typical conformed professor. Starting her first semester here at Sonoma State University, Homzies unfamiliar face draws students’ interest and curiosity.

“I really enjoy teaching it gives me a lot of joy and I've always had in mind I would enjoy teaching undergraduates at this school. I like the size and the campus. It’s very balanced and living in Napa for 18 years, Sonoma State is a great location ” said Homzie.

An Instructor for the coms 210 course, Professor Homzie is well equipped for the position to educate students on writing for the media. Born and raised in Virginia, Homzie travels every summer to the university of which she graduated from, where she speaks of the joy she feels teaching graduate students.

“Teaching graduate students is something I enjoy very much every year, however, undergraduates is such a dynamic age, because by the time you are a junior or senior you are really putting yourself in the right path making huge decisions. Questioning who am I what kind of career do I want?” Homzie said. “As a freshman and sophomore you’re kind of looking at everything because everything is possible. It's a very exciting age to teach, I get the chance to sort of watch students learn a path that already excites them or maybe they are seeing a new path for the first time” said Homzie.

“That's why I love teaching this class, it gives students the many career opportunities to choose from. Very exciting age to teach get the chance to sort of watch students learning a path that already excites them or maybe they are seeing a new path,”said Homzie

“I would have never known this was her first year teaching at Sonoma State. She seems very confident and most of all passionate. She is one of the most unique professors I've had from the way she uses her past experience as a forensics analyst to speaking in a completely different language. I feel like i've learned so much already and it's only been a month into the semester” said senior Savanah Prichard. 

Her passion for writing is unmistakable for any student that observes the way she teaches. Homzie has written different forms of communication work throughout her life.

“I love that her class isn't just teaching one specific style of writing. I came into professor Homzie’s class pursuing fashion magazine writing but now that I am learning all other styles of writing I am open to following a different path” said Junior Amber Rodarte.

Homzie’s work experience is endless. Just 10 minutes into an hour-long interview she had a lot of insight in the work industries. The variety of positions she took on helpeddevelop her confidence to adventure into undiscovered territory, she said. Homzie has had a multitude of jobs, some of which include working as a news reporter,   a news director for a small market radio station. Homzie has also worked as a public relations director for a ballet company in Pennsylvania, along with the opportunity to work as a publicist for the oldest hospital in the country, also located in Pennsylvania.

Surprisingly these aren't her most notable accomplishments. Her own projects achieved on the side include her publishing seven fiction and two nonfiction books. One of her favorite fiction novels, “Queen of Likes,” has received five stars on Amazon. She tells of her excitement when she was allowed the rare opportunity to be a creative consultant, working with producers as they turned one of her children's books into an animated children's show. Homzie enjoys writing so much, she even blogs on the side, mainly about her interviews with other authors. The closest contact to fame was her connection to actress Betty White. Both experts on blogging, they were the only two women blogging on the same subject of literacy and the importance of reading to children. 

Homzie reminisced on one memory in particular that not only changed her as a person but also affected the way she viewed the workforce. Immediately after graduating from high school, the summer before she started as a freshman in college, Homzie began writing for her college newspaper. She was so eager to start writing, waiting those few months of summer was not an option. Her dedication showed through the extensive emails and actually arriving at the newspaper, spending max amount of hours writing any story she could grab. She recalls this moment in her life having been one of the greatest gifts to herself.

“I've always been one to follow the rules. This was the first time I didn't follow the specified guideline. I didn't wait for my engraved invitation, I showed up with no permission. I feel if anyone is excited about something you don't need to wait. And if one paper says no, find another. Trust that if you're enthusiastic you're going to find someone else who's going to be excited and grateful for your enthusiasm. If you're eager to learn there will be people ready for you” said Homzie.