Outdoor workout class gets students dancing

InMotion classes, available at the Sonoma State University Rec Center, have become increasingly popular over the years. Some free and open classes are being offered outside to attract people to see what InMotion has to offer, including Zumba and yoga in Seawolf Plaza.  

There are a variety of different classes offered such as cardio kickboxing, spin, core flex, deep stretch and many others. The classes are taught by students who have their certification in personal training/instructing, This gives students confidence that they are learning from a credentialed professional.

Every Thursday, InMotion classes are offered outside of the Student Center for free until the end of September. 

“It’s in a great location since people are always coming by at lunch-time, so many will stay and watch. After the class is done outside people want to get out of the heat, but we do have a lot of people stop and ask what is going on,” said InMotion Coordinator Amaijah Summers.

“I think what we have here is a special program because we take the time to make fun knowledgeable classes. I want people to be drawn in to see what we offer,” said InMotion Instructor Bria Gabor.

“Last semester there was misknowledge since many students didn’t know what we had to offer. People feel they need certain experience to come, but that’s not the case,” Gabor said.

The class in Seawolf Plaza on Thursday was a hit. The speakers had music playing loud, naturally intriguing to everyone walking by. Although the sun was beaming on the Zumba dancers, students had to stop and see what was going on.

“Since the class is done outside with super loud music and with a headset, it gives it the flash mob mentality. When people see us out there they want to join. My goal is to have someone join us outside and continue coming when the classes are inside the Rec,” Zumba Instructor Megan Cooper said.

Students can take advantage of the classes because there is a wide variety to target exactly the kind of workout a student might be looking for. These classes are just four dollars each, or $44 for the whole semester. This allows students to attend any class they like multiple times.  InMotion classes are offered in the morning, lunchtime and evenings for 10-12 weeks during the semester.