Seawolves Speak: Students react to the results of the 2016 election

This year’s election has been filled with tears of anger, fear and even joy. With elections officially over and Donald Trump being the chosen president-elect, the STAR caught up with students to hear their thoughts on the results. Students that we spoke to were asked: What are your thoughts on, or reaction to, the results of this election?



“Being from LA I believe it was an eye opener and made me feel like I live in a bubble, due to the fact most of the state was red, and to see how people are taking it is quite alarming. I think either [Trump] tries to put Hillary in prison and tries to deport people, or he realizes if he tries to carry out those notions he maight be impeached.” -Jeremy Kichaven, third year



“I am not a very opinionated person and I have sort of accepted the fact that he is our new President. I think social media has made the election a lot worse. Individuals are voicing their opinions but are saying it in a very harsh way. I think people need to be more open minded about him being President.” -Shelby Olivas, third year


“I am completely shocked about the results of the election. I began to think the rest of the world was caught in Trump’s bubble. But then I became aware that I am in Bay Area’s bubble of love, acceptance and tolerance.” -Ciara Donlon, third year


“It doesn’t feel quite real yet and feels more like an insult. Being Latino this affects myself, my family and a whole nation, because of his views of Latinos... I don’t think Clinton would have been a better candidate either, and that is why I did not vote.” -Francisco Lopez, third year