Advising for students, by students

Registration for spring semester is just around the corner. As students prepare themselves for the stressful week, there are resources on campus that can help ease some of that stress. 

As students may know they all have an academic advisor on campus they can see if they need help choosing classes for the upcoming semester. What students may not know is there are Student Peer Advisors on campus who can help them with similar situations.

According to their mission statement the Student Peer Advising Program is focused on helping students build their own future by providing assistance and academic planning.

 “In its current form, the Student Peer Advising Program is in its eighth year now. In the previous seven years, the program has served 27,955 students -- 17,239 through drop-in advising and 10,716 through presentations and workshops,” said Supervisor and undeclared Advisor Michael Balasek. 

Students can come in anytime Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. and there are no appointments required. Typically the peer advisors answer any questions related to the GE pattern or how to read an academic requirement report. They are also a resource for faculty as well. 

Professors can set up presentation appointments to go over the GE pattern, registration, seawolf scheduler and more. 

“As a peer advisor we work with students to help them assess their current academic standing and ensure that the track that they are on is most efficient,” said peer advisor and psychology major Alexandra Lauron. 

 Appointments are typically 15 minutes, but that is sometimes difficult to do around registration time.

“Students should be aware that [they] shouldn’t use their appointment time to look for classes, your classes should already be in your shopping cart and be ready to check out. They should also should have multiple schedules planned out as well as back-up classes,” said Lauron. 

Any holds a student may have will prevent them from registering for classes. Registration starts Nov. 14 for those who have priority registration and continues throughout the week. 

Students are able to go look for classes and develop schedules now. Registration times were released this week in student’s portals. 

They are located in Salazar Hall 1070, but if students can’t make it during the drop-in hours, they can setup an appointment by emailing