Rollin’ into the new semester

The smell of nachos swirled through the air as the doors opened and students began trudging up the stairs toward the ballroom.
The sound of timeless 70s tunes could be heard throughout the Student Center; “Rockin’ and Rollin’ into Spring” had begun.
In June of last year, Campus Life Programmer Mo Phillips and senior Brandon Plair-Holmes, the Director of Campus Connections for Associated Student Productions, began brainstorming the kick-off event for this semester’s first spirit week, Lobofest.
Sonoma State University spirit weeks happen twice every semester and are programmed by Campus life, Associated Student Productions, The HUB and other departments on campus. The first spirit week of the semester always has high expectations.
“We wanted to do a winter wonderland but realized with the drought we couldn’t really justify using the water to make snow. So we decided to change the event to more of a “Rollin’ and Rockin’ into Spring” where we could have go-carts in the parking lots and the movie ‘Talladega Nights.” Everything rollin and rockin,” said Phillips.
Rockin’ and Rollin’ into Spring is the first event of its kind at Sonoma State.
 “We have a lot of different games that probably wouldn’t relate to the same crowd that our other events might relate to,” said Phillips. “It’s always nice to try to be thinking about different students needs, wants and what are we’re offering, what we’re missing, what we’re missing the mark on.”
As the hours passed, the different activities at the event got more and more visitors. The roller rink seemed to be a huge hit among students and while waiting in line, frisbees were given out for the spin art table, one of the many crafts available last Friday evening.
Other activities included video games, mini-car racing, a wax hands art craft and a showing of the movie “Talladega Nights.”
These different novelty acts gave students lots to do in the four-hour event.
There was also a nacho and hot chocolate bar to ensure students had a tasty treat between activities.
With over 150 people in attendance, the night had a steady flow of students coming in and out of the ballroom.
“As a student, it’s pretty fun being able to put something on for the student body as a whole. My goal is always to get as many students invested in campus and get students involved. Of course we all want to have fun here so I like knowing I am able to do that for my fellow Seawolves,” said Plair-Homes.
When the evening was coming to a close, students were slowly making their way out of the building, feet sore from roller skating, hands covered in paint from the spin art and bellies full from endless nachos and hot chocolate.
The event was originally planned to be in parking lot D but was moved to the ballroom when rain was expected.
“I’m impressed they were able to be so spontaneous because it [was] raining outside, and being able to move it in here, they were very flexible with that,” said junior Associated Student Senator Conner Diegelman.