Sapphires bop to the top

The Sonoma State University dance team, the Sapphires, has been making history since 2005.
Although they’ve only been on campus for ten years and haven’t become a competitive team until 2011, they have managed to take Sonoma State by storm.
With big things planned this spring semester, students can expect to see a lot from the Sapphires.
“You can expect to see a lot more involvement and school spirit,” said team member and Captain Erica Pecho.
With their “Pack the Den” Performance coming up on Feb. 6, and their annual Spring Show in May, it will be hard for students to miss the Sapphires in action.
This past semester was a big one for the Sapphires. Not only did they add seven new members, but they also made their way during winter break to the United Dance Association Collegiate Nationals Championship held in Orlando, Florida. With song choices by Britney Spears and Celine Dion, the dance style was quick and to the beat.
“UDA Nationals in Orlando, Florida was an experience of a lifetime. We were one out of three schools from California who ended up in the finals for our division, so being in the final competition was an honor,” said senior team member Carissa Pinnix.
Making it to the finals and placing eighth for Division II schools was an accomplishment for the Sapphires.
Two weeks of preparation during winter break, and non-stop practices past midnight seemed to be well worth it.
Although this is a big deal for the Sapphires dance team, it’s not the first time they have made it this far. Having attended many National Championships in Anaheim and Florida, people will see the Sapphires take the dance floor at a national level again.
“We will be competing in the USA Nationals March 18, 19 and 20. A lyrical performance to Celine Dion and a hip-hop Missy Elliott remix,” said Pecho.
Aside from Nationals, the Sapphires know how to keep busy. With three practices a week in the Sonoma State Rec Center and participating in many campus events and sport games, the Sapphires are always on the go.
“Right now we are getting ready to perform at Sonoma State’s Pack the Den on Feb. 6. We will be performing a hip-hop routine that we are all really excited about,” said Pinnix.
When they’re not dancing, fundraisers and bake sales are another way that the Sapphires stay busy. Because they are a self-funded organization, they work hard to raise money and sponsorships to keep their organization going.
“We fundraise a lot by raising money with bake sales and car washes,” said Pinnix.
The Sapphires want to make sure they are leaving a mark on the community.
“We also like to get involved with the community by participating in parades and serving at Sonoma Serves,” said Pecho.
The Sapphires have left a huge mark at Sonoma State University and it’s safe to say that it hasn’t gone unnoticed.