Career fair offers help to upcoming graduates

When applying for colleges, one of the typical questions aspiring students are asked is, “Why do you want to go to college?’’ Most answer fall somewhere along the lines of “this will be a great opportunity for me” or “to continue my education.” However we all know what the real answer is, to get a job.
On Thursday, Sonoma State University’sCareer Services Department will be putting on its annual Career Fair from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. in the Seawolf Plaza.
 “Students should expect to see 112 industry professionals,” Kimmie Jones, senior public relations coordinator for Career Services said. “They will range from government agencies, education departments, tech companies and more. Some of our top employer’s coming include tesla motors,, and the FBI.”
On the Career Services website there are links to many different articles relating to career services. Some articles recently posted are “Students: Seawolf Job Link”, “Students: Online Resources”, “Employers: Recruiting”, and “Career Fair: How to Prepare, Who is coming.” If studentsclick on the link for the career fair, theyare directed to a page with a list of the numerous companies that will be present at the Career Fair, as well as a calendar of the events going on this weekwhich is Professional Development Week, also put on by Career Services.
Professional Development week was created to help students prepare for the essential career fair.
“Professional Development Week will consist of a resume workshop, edict workshop, a Linkedinworkshop, and resumania,” Jones said. Resumania is a new event being added to Professional Development Week this year.  
“Resumania is a great opportunity for students to sit down one on one with an industry professionals or HR professional and have them provide feedback on their resume,” said Jones. Resumania is going to be taking place at 10:30 a.m. on Thursday in the Salazar Quad.  
To get more information on any of the events taking place during Professional Developement Week, studentscan visit the Sonoma StateCareer Services Facebook page or go to their website  
As the date of the career fair grows near, some students may find themselves asking if they really need to go.  This is a question many students of all years ask themselves before any of event of this kind, where they have to dress up and meet professionals, but the answer is yes.
“Students should go to the career fair whether or not they are currently job searching because it is a great opportunity to practice networking and professionalism with employers,” Jones said. “For students who are job searching, it is their doorway into tons of industries.”
As all students know, the real reason we all come to college is to get a job.
Whether theyare a first year or sixth year, it is known that at some point theycan’t live in the dorms foreverand must enter the big people world.
The SpringCareer Fair is anopportunity to spend a few hours of the precious time studentshave left as a college student and get the help theyneed to put theirbest foot forward when entering the real world.