Seawolves SPEAK!: Controversy over LoboVision

By now, most have heard the buzz around campus, read the articles in the STAR, listened to the outrage via KSUN or seen the faces of upset students on SSUTV. LoboVision, Sonoma State University’s new big screen looming over Seawolf Plaza, has become the hot button issue on campus. Now, any student who walks by will know all the important goings on around campus. While price has been speculated, the actual cost was $340,000. Administration made it clear that the money could not have been used for any academic purposes. So with the money only being able to be spent on improvements to the Recreation Center and Student Center, the STAR asked students, “Where would you rather have seen the money spent?”

"I think the Lobo vision thing is kinda pointless. I feel like it’s pretty much just the same thing as checking our student portals cause we get all that info there and I’m not too sure what else they could spend it on in terms of non-academics” - Niko Sanders, fourth year and undeclared

“I don’t hate the idea I just think they should have told the students before instead of just putting it with no one being aware. I don’t knowif it’s possible but more parking spots.”  - Brittany Regalado, third year communications and media studies major

“I think it was unnecessary and I don’t know where the money is coming from but it’s not fair that people are saying the money should have been spent on classes. Also it is very bright! I would have rather seen the money spent on more parking.”
-Chandler Otis, third year early childhood studies major


Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 7.28.20 PM.png

“I think [Sonoma State] is such a tranquil campus and I just feel like it doesn’t mesh well with the image of the college. I think some money could be spent in the gym on more equipment.”  - Taylor Berghoff, third year communications and media studies major