Her Campus brought back to Sonoma State

Her Campus is an online magazine specially designed for young women that isentirely written by top-college journalists. Founded by a group of undergraduate students at Harvard College, this magazine received many prestigious awards and press like being named top small business of the year.

With over 290 campus chapters around the nation and in several countries, Her Campus has been re-established here atSonoma State University. This re-launch, a few years since this organization was canceled, officially began Feb. 9 with campus correspondents Carly Saber and Sara Wildman leading it. 

The role for members of Sonoma State’s Her Campus chapter are to pitch story ideas and write them. They’re also responsible for the website itself which is completly edited and run by students. 

This organization is known for giving young journalists many career and internship opportunities for big magazine companies such as Vogue, Vanity Fair and The Washington Post. 

“[Her Campus] offers the opportunity for students to be a part of an organization that is dedicated to writing and editing articles about different topics whether it’s topics like love, break ups, how to be fit and healthy, and even articles on politics,” said Edith Ayala, a Sonoma State Her Campus writer. 

This online magazine includes many different links and articles that could apply to any young striving college woman. It includes various sections ranging from health to career based issues. There are also articles about on-campus events and stories as well as style tips and world news which serve as a way for student readers to be aware of everything going on around them. 

“Myself and Carly Saber took the initiative to launch Her Campus because we felt that it would be a great opportunity to gain experience in the world of communications as well as create a platform for the women of Sonoma State to have their voices heard,” said Wildman, a Sonoma State Her Campus correspondent. “Her Campus will act as a great place for students to gain advice about a variety of topics and explore issues and ideas that others may not outwardly voice.”

Articles in the Sonoma State Her Campus page include “Why should college women care about politics?” which brings to light the low voting turnout within college-age individuals and asserts that students should become more aware it being election year. 

‘Boba: the new hit drink of Rohnert Park’ talks about a new drink place available near campus where students can try boba and hangout. Her Campus also includes a variety of profiles of professors and students on campus. 

Many of the articles specially designed for Sonoma State students while others are general which makes a good fit for anyone to read. The topics of these articles range from serious to fun advice and tips given from college students to other colleagues. 

Just like other magazine like Seventeen, Her Campus includes chances for readers to win giveaways, take online quizzes on their personalities and subscribe so they don’t miss anything. 

Students can also sign up through their email for a Her Campus study break newsletter which will beemailed three times a week with the best study tips, love advice and style inspiration right to one’s inbox.

Not only is Her Campus a way of entertainment, but it’s also an opportunity for students to get involved themselves. Aspiring writers and journalists can get involved by visiting hercampus.com/school/sonoma-state if they wish to become a writer or just give story ideas they would like to see. 

Students interested can follow Her Campus on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.