‘Resumania!’ assists graduates with career planning

As students walked into Salazar Hall and looked through the glass windows of the Career Services office, theycould see the many different recruiters they were about to encounter.
Students were greeted by two of Career Services student staff and the Career Services Advisor, Carrie Klaphake, who all collaborated to plan the event that was about to take place, Resumania.
Enterprise Rent-a-Car, Target, Sonoma State HR and Tomatina were just some of the companies present at this year’s ‘Resumania!’. ‘Resumania!’  took place this past Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m..
Students were able to come in and out of the event and float between the 12 different tables of recruiters.
 Students were given the opportunity to have a one on one conversation with each of the professional recruiters that participated in the event.
Those one-on-one conversations also gave students the chance to practice their elevator pitches and overall introduction skills.  
The recruiters helped students fine tune their resume, and told them what they typically look for in a resume when hiring.
The recruiters also went over different ways to change your resume based on what type of job you are applying for, whether it be a summer internship, a part time job or a full time position.
‘Resumania!’  was attended by students of all grades, but was highly attended by students that are graduating this upcoming semester.
“I heard about ‘Resumania!’ through the Career Services Facebook page,” said senior communications major Emily Johnstone. “I was really excited about it because you typically don’t get the chance to have someone you want to hire you to give you tips on your resume.”
The advice given to students mostly pertained to the formatting and style of their resume. When The Star spoke to different recruiters, one of the most common pieces of advice heard was “put your education and estimated graduation date first.”
The recruiters said one of the things they are always looking for when hiring a potential intern/employee is when they are graduating. When that information is given, they know what kind of position the applicant is looking for and how long the company would be able to keep the potential employee.
“I feel like I got a lot out of Resumania, and that I am a lot more prepared for the Career Fair than I was before,” said Johnstone.
Many of the recruiters that were at ‘Resumania!’  will also be at the Career Fair, is scheduled to take place this Thursday in the Student Center Ballroom from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m..