Spring Club Fair gets students involved

Flyers were out, tables were set up and students were lining up as over 55 clubs and organizations set up tables to recruit some new members at the Spring Club Fair. 

Hundreds of students signed up to find people with similar interests as them, and see what organizations Sonoma State University has to offer.

 There are so many options of clubs to join on campus, and there seems to be something for everyone. Starting with fraternities and sororities, there are major-specific clubs, singing and dancing clubs, student government and religious clubs.

“It’s a great opportunity to get involved on campus,” senior Macenzie Campolito said. 

Joining clubs on campus gives students an opportunity to meet people they might have not before, and find other people with similar interests as them.

 Getting involved on campus can seem scary and intimidating, but can also be one of the most rewarding things a student can do. This gives students an opportunity to connect with people who love the same things they love, or do the same things they do. Naturally, it gives a student the ability to connect with other students they may have not met otherwise. It gives a student something awesome and unique to put on their resume.

 For students interested in the law, or ever becoming a lawyer or attorney, there is pre-law society. 

“Pre-law society is for students interested in law and want to go to law school,” fifth year Juliana Morcate said. “We have LSAT study sessions, have law school admissions reps come talk to us, we visit schools and go to law fairs. Our meeting are every other Tuesday from noon to 1 p.m. in Alexander Valley in the Student Center.”

Along with law and major specific clubs, there is also Associated Students Productions, which helps plan events for students.

 “We put on events that are student run, they are for students by students” sophomore and ASP member Sarah Hinchman said. “Students can join committees and help think of ideas and events for the future.” 

Joining ASP is an opportunity for people who love to plan events and want to have say in campus dances, speakers, and more.

There are also religious clubs for people who want to find others with similar faiths as theres, or if they are interested in learning about a religion they may not know much about.

 “Intervarsity Christian Fellowship is a community that wants to bring people of faith together,” Kenny Campbell, an Intervarsity staff member, said. “We provide fellowship and a deeper relationship for those who come to our club.”

Joining a club can also change a student’s life. Students can find their homes away from home among these clubs and organizations, and they are welcoming to all students who feel they have a connection with what their club has or does.

The Spring Club Fair brought students together to find where they belong. Whether that will be helping the community out through JUMP, gaining new brothers and sisters through greek life or unleashing one’s dancing or singing skills through B Natural or the Blue Barons, there is a place for everyone.

To find out more information on what clubs are offered, visit sonoma.edu/campuslife.