Nate Campbell brings his experience to KSUN

“Hey listeners, thanks for tuning into KSUN, the official Sonoma State radio station, for the students of Sonoma State, by the students of Sonoma State.” 

This is a commonly heard line when tuning into Sonoma State University’s official radio station and radio class COMS 385, KSUN radio. 

KSUN is a student-run online radio station that can be heard any time of the day through the Sonoma State App and through the Sonoma State Radio website. KSUN is an opportunity for students to get real-life experience working for a radio station, and this is all done with the help of Professor Nate Campbell.

Campbell has been working in the professional radio industry for the past 20 years. He is currently a broadcaster for 100.1 KZST, 106.3 “The Bull” and 102.7 “The Wolf.” He started teaching as a student-teacher while getting his Masters Degree in interdisciplinary studies, when he realized his love of teaching. 

“My favorite memory has to be looking back through the years at all the students I’ve taught radio to,” said Campbell. “Now you can hear their voices all over the airwaves of Sonoma County. Plus all my students who now work professionally in radio but not on-air.” 

Campbell has taught in both the music department and the communications and dedia studies department during his time at Sonoma State. His music courses include History of Country music, Music of Bob Dylan and the History of Rock Music. The communications and dedia studies courses he has taught are KSUN: Media Lab, Intro to Radio Broadcasting, Advanced Radio, Sports Talk, The Music Business and Recording Industry, Music, MTV and the Media and Media Ethics. 

Some of the KSUN leaders tend to think that Campbell shows tough love. 

“Nate’s definitely hard on me, but I know it’s only because he wants me to thrive,” said Kayla Moshki, senior public relations manager for KSUN.  

Having an instructor that has real-life experience in the field they’re teaching can have benefits for students. Campbell is able to relate their everyday career to lessons taught in class and heis a big believer in not wasting the time of his students. 

“Students should know the advice I give during their time at school here at Sonoma State. All the pieces matter,” said Campbell. “It’s the days that lie between the memories that are most impactful, you should always be honing your craft, whatever it is, and don’t waste your own time.”

“He creates a connection to the professional world by finding students with a passion for radio, loads of opportunities to get your foot in the door,” said Cody Gleason, general manager at KSUN. Campbell recently helped Gleason land an internship at ESPN sports radio after giving him the opportunity to be the General Manager for KSUN radio. 

“Having Nate as a professor is what inspired me to want a career in radio,” said Gleason. 

“Whether it’s radio, country music, sportstalk or media ethics, I hope students who take my classes develop a better appreciation for the topics.  If I’m able to steer a student professionally, that’s great, but I also love when a student gains a sort of personal growth or understanding from a course that I teach,” said Campbell.