Best Coffee: Dutch Bros.

STAR // Brennan Chin
Dutch Bros. Coffee in Santa Rosa combines great service, interesting flavors and convenience for college students.

Coffee is more than a drink — it’s a lifestyle. Convenience, taste, price, ambiance and atmosphere are all things that matter when picking a go-to coffee shop. When it comes to the choosing ‘the best,’ Dutch Bros. Coffee, located in Santa Rosa, fits the bill. Combining great service with unique flavors and an upbeat atmosphere, Dutch Bros. offers more than the traditional Starbucks. Equipped with a walk-up window and a drive-thru, Dutch Bros. provides convenience and speed, making it a great place to get that morning pick-me-up before class.
For a dedicated Starbucks customer, Dutch Bros. may cause shock with original and unique drinks like the Annihilator or the Cocomo, but no need to be alarmed — the drinks are delicious and can’t be bought at your typical coffee chain. With flavors like coconut, macadamia nut and Irish cream, Dutch Bros. does not disappoint in the ‘taste’ category. As far as convenience, the coffee shop is located roughly two minutes away from Santa Rosa Junior College, but about 20 minutes from Sonoma State University — though good coffee is always worth the drive.
As far as atmosphere and ambiance, Dutch Bros. may lack the traditional coffee shop vibe since there is no indoor seating area, but college students are known to lead busy lives, so a drive-thru is usually a good option when running late to class or work. In addition to classic espresso drinks, Dutch Bros. also serves creamy, frothy blended drinks like the Frost and the Freeze, the first made without espresso and the latter made with a kick of caffeine. When it comes to cost, Dutch Bros. is similar to other coffee shops, with most drinks ranging from $3-$4.50.
Dutch Bros. is located in Santa Rosa at 1300 Mendocino Ave. and is open 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily. For a more detailed menu, visit