Best Hidden Spot: Butterfly Garden

STAR // Kayla E. Galloway
The Butterfly Garden at Sonoma State gives students a quiet space to study, relax or have a picnic.

Sonoma State University is home to many beautiful spots, but perhaps the most under-appreciated of them all is the Butterfly Garden.  Located on the northeast side of campus along the Copeland Creek Trail, the garden, while not always filled with butterflies, offers a serene space for students to study, read or just hang out. Complete with two benches and a large grassy area, what more does one need to escape the hustle and bustle of campus? Amid the stress of final exams, students can find peace and quiet off the beaten path, just steps away from the Lakes.
When looking for a quiet place to study, have a picnic or even watch Netflix, look no further than Sonoma State’s very own Butterfly Garden open 24 hours, seven days a week. Equipped with sunshine and fresh air, the Butterfly Garden has that “off-the-grid” feel that makes one feel as though they’re truly experiencing all earth has to offer without actually being off the grid. The garden, founded in 1993 by Karen Tillinghast, former environmental studies and planning professor, has been maintained by the Santa Rosa Garden Club since its founding. As part of the university’s botanical gardens, the garden is said to attract swallowtails and painted lady butterflies, making the area one of Sonoma State’s best hidden natural treasures.