Library not the obvious study spot

The week we’ve all been dreading for months now has come. It’s time to pack up your books and head to the depressing and crowded library.  Well, think again. There are many places on campus and Sonoma County that are great for picking up a snack and getting to work on all those papers and study guides.

The tables between Stevenson and Darwin are a great place to settle down with your books and laptop for a study session outside. On a nice day, students are welcome to buy a drink or snack from Toast, and sit down at one of the many tables. They now even feature a solar charging station for students to utilize while working.

The second floor area in Darwin is also a small, quiet spot to study for finals. With nearby bathrooms, computers and vending machines, the seating in this area is great for study groups or students looking to get some work done. Stephanie Bautista, a sophomore enjoys using the area to do homework.

“The area on the second floor of Stevenson is great for studying because it’s small and chill. I’ll definitely be there during finals week,” Bautista said.

The Student Center is also an unlikely, yet great place for studying. You can studyby the fireplace, or feel free to relax at Sip while drinking some coffee. If you are looking for somewhere a little less busy, head upstairs to the second floor for a more secluded spot.

Charlie Brown’s Cafe has many different meals, snacks, coffees and smoothies to enjoy while studying indoors or out. There are large tables for group studying but also single comfy chairs to settle down in for the night. The cafe is open Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

“I like studying by the pond on a sunny day because it’s quiet and peaceful,” sophomore Nabila Calderon said. “I think I’m way more productive there than in the library because I’m not distracted by everyone.”

The pond, located past International Hall, has a few tables for students to use while studying by the water. With many trees, ducks and fresh air, students enjoy using this area when cramming.

Besides places on campus, nearby restaurants and coffee shops are also popular go-to spots for studying during finals week. Located in Wolfden Plaza, Starbucks has free Wi-Fi and is open until 10 p.m. 

Panera also offers free Wi-Fi and is open Monday until Friday from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. It also offers soups and salads, and a cozy and quiet seating area great for those late night study sessions with friends. 

In Cotati, Redwood Café is another option available to bring your laptop and books during finals week. Grab a sandwich, juice or pastry and enjoy your work from inside or out.

Petaluma’s popular Acre Coffee welcomes students to study, as well as Taylor Maid Farms in Sebastopol. Students come here to enjoy fresh organic coffee and kombucha, and to use the upstairs studying tables with lamps, plug-ins for a quick study session. 

If you want another, quiet coffee shop to sip and study in, go to Honey Badger Coffee in Rohnert Park on Golf Course Drive. They’re open Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m.

All of these places are good substitutes for a place to study if the library is too crowded. Next time you’re grabbing your bag to go study, I highly recommend checking out one of these cool and underrated spots.