New campus storefronts cause excitement among students

As the school year takes off in full force, it can become difficult for busy students to take in new aspects on campus. Things tend to get lost in the shuffle of books, classes and friends. However, this year brings some change to the growing campus life here at Sonoma State University. Walking through the corridor of the Recreation Center and Student Center, one will notice signage advertising up-and-coming new storefronts. 

These new storefronts have brought a lot of questions to students in the last few months. However, it’s now clear that they are going to be putting in an ice cream shop that serves boba tea, as well as 24-hour banking with vending machines. 

With growth like this, it begs the question of whether this will cause more possible job opportunities for students on campus. Are these privately owned or will they be owned by culinary services? 

Ryan Ernst, The Director of Sales and Marketingat Sonoma State gave some insight on new storefronts. 

“Over the past summer, we worked with the design team to finalize architectural drawings for the ice cream and ATM/vending locations. I’m pleased to report that those drawings have been accepted, pending approval by the state fire marshal, which we hope to receive within the next few weeks,” Ernst said.

The third storefront is intended to give students an opportunity to sell their products in a public place.

“Anyone interested in either selling their products or being a part of the ‘Made By Seawolves’ team is encouraged to email,” Ernst said.

While asking students what their opinions were on the new storefront, many were excited about the incoming boba tea, while others saw it as a potential for campus growth. 

“I am excited for the the new boba and opportunities that may become available to students on campus,” sophomore Sean Patrick McNeely said. 

Some other students are skeptical of these upcoming changes. 

“Even though it’s a good idea and cool for those participating, it is not necessarily practical for people that are on a college student budget. While looking, I didn’t really see anything I would need,” student Savannah Lizarraga said. 

While these new storefronts may seem like an exciting change, we will not know whateffectsthey will have on campus life and the students until they open.