Rec Fest places student wellness in spotlight

Sonoma State University’s Rec Fest hosted a variety of events from a fitness competition to a sustainability booth that taught students how to make their own toothpaste and all-purpose cleaner. 

Brendan Finn, a senior at Sonoma State, has worked at the Rec Center for two years and was in charge of executing Rec Fest.

“Rec Fest helps promote everything that the Recreation Center has to offer as well as providing a welcoming environment for all students and their purposes for working out,” Finn said.

Senior Savannah Guinn, was in charge of running the booth and showing off the products as well as the ingredients. Guinn used her own homemade recipe for the toothpaste and spoke about the benefits.

“None of the ingredients cause any sort of pollution and it’s completely safe to swallow. The best part is that everyone can afford it and that is why it’s also a huge social promotion,” Guinn said. 

The all-purpose cleaner that Guinn was also showcasing is the actual cleaner that the Rec Center uses: water, vinegar and a fresh lemon squeeze. 

The event that stood out the most during Rec Fest though was the In Motion class, Good VIBrations. It is a new, innovative and holistic approach at fitness that a transfer student from Germany, Stefanie Henry, will be teaching at the Rec Center all semester. 

“Good VIBration Class is a comprehensive active and passive full body workout. Start a new way of working out with a brand new lifestyle, fitness and therapeutic devise from Austria invented by a Parkinson’s patient,” stated in Henry’s syllabus.  

Alicia MaCloughlin, also a transfer student, participated in the demo class at Rec Fest. 

“My main form of exercise is dancing, so this was different for me. There were moments of high intensity and also moments where we were laying down during the workout. I found Good VIBrations effective, but I just wish that there was more promotion for the class,” MaCloughlin said. 

Henry was excited to introduce the class at Rec Fest and shared her favorite part about Good VIBrations. 

“The class is centered around body, soul and mind, andanyone can come. It does not matter if you have limitations because the class will set goals together and everyone will be able to hold each other accountable for progress,” Henry said. 

She hopes to see a variety of students take the class and is thrilled to be at Sonoma State.