Scholarship opportunities await for Winter Intersession students

There is still time this year for Sonoma State University students to save some money and apply for scholarships. 

The School of Extended and International Education is offering three different scholarship opportunities during the Winter Intersession 2018 period.

A large point of discussion within the School of Extended and International Education has created ways to expand the number of intersession scholarships. 

Dean Robert Eyler, Executive Director of Business and Program Operations Jason Lau, and Director of Academic Programs Gregory Milton have worked together to pursue the new scholarships as a way to aid Sonoma State students in staying on track academically and moving toward a timely graduation. 

Milton said these scholarships will not only assist the students, but will also help improve Sonoma State’s graduation rates. 

Since the fires recently plagued the North Bay area, the School of Extended and International Education is offering a scholarship to students who were directly impacted, which will cover their tuition fees for one Winter Intersession 2018 course. 

Sonoma State’s website said that NomaCares will determine the eligibility for this scholarship, whose staff will work with the school to assist qualified students searching for an intersession class.

Another opportunity being offered is the GPS Scholarship, which also applies to Winter Intersession 2018 courses. 

According to Sonoma State’s website, applicants for this scholarship must be undergraduate students in good academic standing, enroll in a minimum of three units for the upcoming Winter Intersession, and file a FAFSA or California Dream Act Application for the 2017-2018 academic year at Sonoma State.

Eligibility for the GPS Scholarship is based upon the Estimated Family Contribution, which was previously determined during the FAFSA process. This scholarship’s deadline is Nov. 27, and the school will notify students who they have chosen  for this award by Nov. 29. 

However, if an individual does not meet the criteria for the GPS Scholarship, they may apply for the GPS Exception Scholarship. 

In order to apply for the exception, one must submit a hard copy of a brief statement explaining their particular circumstance, which is due to the School of Extended and International Education office by Nov. 27. 

According to the Sonoma State’s website, acceptable reasons for applying may include being an international student, qualifying for a Veteran’s Fee Waiver or being affected by the North Bay fires

The Intersession Senior Scholarship will grant a limited number of students $500 each toward a given Winter Intersession course. 

To receive this scholarship, a student must be an undergraduate student in good academic standing at Sonoma State, enroll in three or more units during intersession, have previously taken at least 90 units, and be on track for graduating by fall 2018. 

Sonoma State’s website said that those who have more units towards graduation will have a higher chance of receiving this scholarship. 

According to Milton, so far only 50 students have signed up for Intersession Senior Scholarships. He said students should try not to limit themselves by only applying for one scholarship or just ignoring scholarship applications all together. 

Milton said he wishes to spread the word about these three scholarships and hopes to encourage those who will be seniors in 2018 to take advantage of Winter Intersession classes.

To apply for the Fire-Impact Scholarship, contact NomaCares at, and be sure to have previously enrolled in one Winter Intersession course.

All applications for the GPS Scholarship and Intersession Senior Scholarship must be turned into Stevenson Hall 1012 by Nov. 27.