Campus organizations get seawolves involved

Sonoma State University clubs and organizations gathered on Wednesday to showcase what they are all about. The spring Involvement Fair helped give students who are looking to get involved a chance to meet various campus groups.

“I went to the involvement fair because I was curious of what clubs Sonoma State had to offer. I expected to see a lot of new groups of people who are passionate about something,” said Michelle Fernandez, an early childhood education major. “The fair was way more crowded than I expected to be, but I was still able to navigate through the booths.”

While disappointed in not finding a club for her major, Fernandez said she was surprised to find sports clubs and Greek life in attendance and was able to find an interest in Join Us Making Progress.

Sonoma State does its best to help these clubs and organizations promote themselves to those who may not know they are out there. 

Arguably the most important reason to want to get involved, is the fact that students who are involved, in any way, are more likely to be satisfied with their college experience. In return, involved students are more likely to graduate. 

Other beneficial reasons are that it eases the transition away from home and into college, it helps you meet new people with similar interests and gain experience to build on your résumé. 

According to a study conducted by The University of William and Mary, published in 2006, campus involvement can greatly affect student success. 

According to the study, which focused on the effects of involvement in clubs and organizations on the psychosocial development of first year and senior year college students, found that students who participated in an organization on campus were more highly developed than those who weren’t in student organizations. 

In addition, the areas of higher development included educational involvement, career planning, lifestyle planning, lifestyle management, cultural participation, academic autonomy and establishing and clarifying a purpose. 

“I believe that it’s very important to be involved because it opens many doors to your future. Personally, it has made my time here at Sonoma State so much better. I feel as I have a purpose on campus, which is student outreach,” said Angela Egbuchulam, a biochemistry major and member of the Student Health Advisory Club, or SHAC. 

Egbuchulam said that her goal for the involvement fair was to get more Sonoma State students to ask questions regarding the club and hoped to get more students to sign up for SHAC.

“I find that it’s really important to get involved. I just kind of felt lost and if I never had gotten involved in my sorority, I would just go back to my dorm and frequently go home,” said Lesley Henriquez, second year mathematics major and member of Phi Sigma Sigma. 

Sonoma State is home to almost 170 different clubs and organizations. From Greek Life to Bible Club, and even a Beer Club.

“I have made a lot of friends and I also feel like I really belong at Sonoma State. I no longer want to transfer,” said Henriquez. “Being involved has brought me a sense of my own community and I feel like this is where I am supposed to be.”

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