Last minute ideas for Valentine’s Day

As Valentine’s Day has rapidly approached once again, most people are probably experiencing one of two emotions, dread or excitement. Maybe you have something special planned with your significant other, a fun night out with the girls, a hot blind date, or perhaps nothing at all. Though we all know that this day of love comes around once a year, it seems like somehow most of us end up unprepared every time. 

It’s Feb. 14 and although the day doesn’t feel any different, many are expected to organize something more romantic than any other day of the year. As it turns out, there are tons of good ideas out there for under $20.

1. Make Dinner Together - Though this sounds simple, it can actually be an exciting way to do something memorable without the stress or pressure of having to brave the crowds at a restaurant. All you need is a few ingredients, music and someone you genuinely enjoy spending time with to make this a night to remember. This will allow you to talk, be playful and appreciate something that you created together. “You Won’t Be Single For Long Vodka Cream Pasta” is the perfect recipe that is sure to stir up some love. The full instructions can be found at Added plus? Leftovers the next day.

2. Groupon - When in doubt or a time crunch, this is the way to go. Simply search areas such as Rohnert Park, Santa Rosa or Windsor and you will find a wide array of affordable options. Groupon users can find choices like a 60 minute deep-tissue massage at Perfect Touch Massage Therapy in Rohnert Park that is 39 percent off and located in Rohnert Park, all the way to personalized M&Ms for that special someone, varying from $15 to $50. There are other options, including things like movie tickets, flowers and even pizza coupons. Not only will your loved one smile, but most Groupon vouchers are for at least two people, so you’ll get a gift too.

3. Create a Thoughtful Gift - The best gifts aren’t necessarily those that are over the top and expensive. Sometimes the sweetest way to say “I love you” is by thinking about what a person would truly appreciate. Use a memory, an inside joke or an interest to make something completely catered to them. Some examples include love notes, unique crafts, a personal coupon book or even a baked good. At the end of the day, you know this person best, so do something from your heart.

4. Attend the Valentine’s Day Magic Show - Take a trip to San Francisco with your valentine to enjoy a $15 magic show at the Marriott Hotel located on Fisherman’s Wharf. This is a chance to stray from a normal date night while still not breaking the bank. A magic show can ensure that couples won’t have the pressure keeping the entertainment alive on their own. The show also gives you plenty to talk about on your car ride home. Changing the pace from normal date experiences allows those celebrating to have a Valentine’s Day that is one for the books.

5. Netflix and Chill - This might be the cheapest option on this list. All you need for this is some comfortable clothes, snacks, a Netflix subscription (or a friend’s password) and someone to snuggle with. Though this takes the least amount of planning, it is still a great way to hang out and spend time with someone you love. The informality of the setting creates a vibe that is low pressure and relaxing.