Student expression highlighted at The HUB

Stressful, demanding and lost. All three words in which can be correlated to different colleges around the world. 

No matter the location or reputation a college may have, it’s impossible to rid a community of its preconceived notions. The best action to take to help alleviate stress at a university, is to provide a safe space for students to express themselves. At Sonoma State University, The HUB does just that. 

As indicated on the Sonoma State website, The HUB, which stands for Honoring, Uniting and Building, works to transform the dynamics that alienate, disempower and destroy societies. By bringing self awareness to students, events put on by The HUB help take away the stress and hate that someone may hold and reverse it, creating a positive outcome. 

The HUB is also a place where many different student clubs can gather and meet. Groups are welcome in the space whether they want to talk about more serious experiences, or just get together for a mixer with food and activities.

While The HUB does give a safe space for students to come and relax and hold club meetings, it also puts on different events and programs for students. While there are recurring events such as “It’s a Guy Thing” or “Treats of Trending Topics” there are also new events put on almost every week, to give students the opportunity to become more aware and more educated about the world around them. 

Many events and programs The HUB puts on give the students opportunities to express creativity, share their beliefs and opinions in a safe place while also learning about how our world effects other people. 

There are up to five or six different events and programs put on in The HUB per week which all students can find on the Sonoma State website and The HUB calendar. 

One event that was held lastThursday was “The Social Movements and Art” event, hosted by Favianna Rodriguez. The event shared art through the lens of social movements. 

“Favianna Rodriguez is a transnational interdisciplinary artist and cultural organizer. Her art and collaborative projects deal with migration, global politics, economic injustice, patriarchy and interdependence,” said Carina Buzo, program coordinator for The HUB.

Rodriguez has visited many campuses, including Sonoma State, where she has lead art workshops and inspired social change.

“During times of visible opposition, we want to offer students ways to express themselves, come together and create change through art,” Buzo said.

Both Buzo and The HUB hope to make sure we are all heard, educated and protected. Students that want to get involved or learn more about The HUB can contact the general HUB email at or call at (707) 664-4247.