Fair to deliver student housing options

As the spring semester begins to rapidly approach its last few weeks, many students at Sonoma State University have two things on their minds. The first being “finals, finals, finals” and the second is a question carrying equal, if not more, stress than finals themselves, “Where am I going to live next year?” Fortunately, that question can be answered at this years Off-Campus Housing Resource Fair.

The fair will take place on Tuesday, April 11 from 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. located in Ballroom A of the Student Center. Various property management companies, apartment managers and landlords from both Rohnert Park and the cities that surround it, will join the students in order to educate them on all things that go into living off-campus. 

The event is another outlet for students to gather off-campus housing information in an easy way and for property companies to get their name out there. Additional dwelling information can be found via resident newsletters, informational flyers located on several buildings throughout campus, and a resource booklet provided by Housing Services listing local apartment complexes.

The fair is being put on by the Sonoma State Housing Services. The purpose of this fair is to offer students a place to research different options and costs of living off-campus, gather information regarding different properties in the area, pick up applications, see pictures of potential living arrangements and ultimately to get a jumpstart over the competition. 

Finding and locking down a place in off-campus housing can be competitive, so getting a head start, even if it’s just looking at a few places to get a general idea, can be very beneficial.

Aside from the presence of property management companies, apartment managers and landlords, additional resources can be found at the fair as well. In fact, CORT Furniture Rental will be attending to help students get increased insight on how to furnish their new places while sticking to a college budget.

Senior Amy Crawford has lived off-campus for two years now. “When I first looked into possible places to live off-campus I was extremely overwhelmed with how minimal the selection was,” she said. 

Crawford called her mom, like many students would do, and was advised to speak with Housing Services to see if they knew any way to get around the situation. Crawford visited Housing Services, located on the second floor of the Student Center, and was immediately given websites to use and specific companies to look out for. 

Crawford looked up all the information she was given and ended up finding a house the rent within a week of meeting with the Housing Services. She continues to express her support for the resource that Housing Services provides.

“The off-campus housing fair is a beneficial resource for all Sonoma State students to utilize,” said Leah Becker, sales and event lead assistant for Sonoma State. She discussed the importance of making timely, off-campus housing arrangements and gaining valuable decision-making experiences. 

Becker has experienced the struggles of moving off-campus and doesn’t want her fellow students to undergo some of the hardships she has faced. She mentioned that she wished she had visited the Housing Fair during previous years and that maybe the transition would’ve been easier.

For any additional questions or information, visit the Housing Services website at www.sonoma.edu/housing/och/, call them at (707)664-2541 or email them at ssu.housing@sonoma.edu.