Restaurant Review: KC’s American Kitchen

Hungry for a burger on a sunny day? Searching for a satisfying hangover cure? Want to take a trip back to the 1950s? Try KC’s American Kitchen in Town Green, Windsor located at 9501 DuVander Lane on the corner of McClelland Drive.

When hungry in Windsor, KC’s is the go-to spot you don’t want to miss out on. No matter the occasion or even the day of the week, students can always find something filling and satisfying. Aside from taking you back in time, KC’s American Kitchen is a spot sure to satisfy everyone included. 

Walking through the double doors, you’re immediately surrounded by a plethora of decorations that remind you of a simpler time. From the vintage license plates, to the pictures of classic American beauties like Audrey Hepburn, KC’s creates a warm-hearted diner atmosphere. On top of the family-friendly atmosphere, the menu is mouth-watering.

From breakfast to dinner, there’s something delicious to be found for everyone. From potato pancakes at the cost of $10.50, to the southern pulled pork sliders at $11.95, customers are sure to be in for a treat. My personal favorite is the buffalo chicken strips which cost $9.95. In fact I’m so confident that customers be satisfied, I challenge any first-timers to close their eyes and point to a random dish on the menu when ordering. The menu is so good, you won’t be disappointed. 

Order a signature ice cream shake or a Ghirardelli chocolate brownie sundae if you have a real sweet tooth. Served warm, this brownie sundae is topped with whipped cream, nuts and of course a cherry on top. 

KC’s American Kitchen promises satisfaction for those over 21 as well. Sip on a screwdriver, mimosa, or bellini, all of which cost $6.95.  For those seeking a non-alcoholic option,  I recommend one of the many flavors of tea, a thirst-quenching lemonade or a soda.

KC’s also offers an outdoor seating area for guests. The patio is very large and even offers a fire pit for colder nights. Most expect the patio to resemble the inside, but it is actually very modern. The décor jumps from the 1950s to 2017 in an instant. 

Those on the patio can enjoy the view of Town Green from any table they choose. On weekends especially there is often a lot of activities going on that are fun to watch, including a Sunday Farmer’s Market. The restaurant is also dog-friendly and welcomes patrons to bring along their four-legged companion, offering them a water bowl and a treat. 

Customers won’t see the generic décor or unnecessary, complicated menus that many restaurants have adopted. Today everyone wants to be different, but why not stick to the classics?