Art’s Place gives patrons a slice of Italy

When the craving for homemade gnocchi creeps, it pounces. For the fortunate who live nearRedwood Drive, a plate of it isn’t far away.  For the rest of us, a hop over the 101 overpass, through a few traffic lights and around Reading Cinemas leads to Art’s Place, a slice of Italy right in our backyard. 

Just like mom used to make, Art’s Place has all your favorite noodles. Choices range from linguine, angel hair and fettuccine, to their more popular spaghetti and penne; and a gluten free penne option. Choosing a pairing sauce can be overwhelming enough to shift entrees, especially when deciding between pesto, marinara, alfredo, creamy chipotle sauce or butter with garlic and parmesan.

If you’re sticking through, the serving size will satisfy you and your wallet, for a meal or even two. If you choose to tap out after seeing the pasta options, shifting left of the menu lands you on sandwich and panini choices. Everybody knows the B.L.T.; It’s as classic as celebrating your birthday with a cake. Stray from the norm and try an Italian sausage on sourdough with mozzarella and grilled onions, or a heaping meatball marinara. I personally recommend my first Art’s entree, the turkey pesto panini paired with truffle fries.

 “Penne with grilled chicken is my favorite, or the chicken parmesean,” said Manager Javier Ruiz. 

Holding down the fort for just under four years, Ruiz explained proudly the admiration he has for the well-oiled machine that is the Art’s crew. Ruiz made it known that the traditional diner Art’s Place in North Carolina, has no correlation to this pasta king. 

“I love everything about working at Art’s. The crew is amazing, the chefs are incredible and the food is delicious,” said junior Kaleigh Lacouture. Working at Art’s for five months, Lacouture prefers the pesto gnocchi over all.  “I love how involved Art is in his restaurant and I couldn’t be happier to be apart of it.” 

For allergen-cautious customers, customizing entrees is simple upon request. None of the entrees, minus the salads, use nuts. Pastas directly don’t have eggs, although certain sauces and salad dressings do, as on each menu.

“Since Kaleigh is a vegetarian, she used to come in as a customer [and] get the veggie panini and now that she works here, we gave her other options. Building your own pizza, substituting for things, taking things out…[these are] available for all customers [they] just have to ask. There are things we are able to do, and things we aren’t able to do,” Ruiz said.

In addition to the 563 Rohnert Park Expy location, 90-year-old owner Arturu Ibleto’s signature lasagnas and homemade sauces can be purchased from his additional business location off of Stoney Point Road at 1492 Lowell Ave. The Pasta King, Ibleto’s catering company, has served Sonoma County for over 30 years. Ibleto’s website calls the county,one of the most beautiful places on earth. Immigrating from Sesta Godano, Italy, the rumored birthplace of pesto, Ibleto blessed this inland Northern California city with hispassion for food and wine. His award winning Pinot has prompted the expansion of Bella Sonoma Winery to include Shiraz, Merlot, and Chardonnay.

Open for lunch and dinner seven days a week from 11:30 a.m. until 9 p.m., it’s difficult to create an excuse not to go. Customers can even grab a glass of wine or a cocktail from the bar to accompany their meal. You might see Art sitting at the bar, and you can let him know if his philosophy of making food delicious and well-priced fit the bill.