Best bar at the Crawl: Friar Tucks Pub

he infamous “Cotati Crawl” consists of a small stretch of bars along Old Redwood Highway in Cotai. The “Crawl” isn’t only a local nightlife hotspot but a right of passage for 21 year old Sonoma State University students. Every thursday night, students pour into the streets of Cotati for a night filled of partying. One of the staples of the Crawl is Friar Tucks Pub. “Friars,” as the students of Sonoma State call it, considers itself the originator of the Cotati Crawl and now it has been chosen as “Best Bar at the Cotati Crawl” 2017. 

Friar Tucks is usually the bar where crawl-goers kick off their night. The bar brings in students with their cheaps drinks and popping music. Shannon Jordan, an early childhood studies senior, who frequently attends the crawl said she loves the vibe of Friars and likes that they accept cash and card. Jordan’s favorite part about Friar Tuck’s is the fact that they serve Corona’s for only $2 on Thursdays. 

“Two dollar Corona’s are definitely the way to go on a Thursday night,” said Jordan.

Friar Tucks also has a large outdoor bar area in the back where people can relax and have a conversation away from the music. Manny Garcia, a senior business major who has been going to the Crawl since he was 21 said this is the reason that keeps him coming back to Friar’s. 

“The combination of the inside-outside dynamic makes Friar’s the most comfortable bar to be at, at the Crawl.” said Garcia. 

Friars also has different special throughout the week such as beer pong and trivia on Tuesday nights. Friars is also a great place to catch some NFL action on Sunday’s because they have drink specials, breakfast and every game is televised. 

Next time you plan a night at the Crawl make sure to hit up Friar Tucks, the winner of the STAR’s “best bar at the crawl” 2017 and don’t forget to buy us a drink!